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Found 20 results

  1. Got a question about Rocks this happened to a friend of mine and me the same night. My Buddy had 2 nice rocks that he had caught and had on ice for 2 days I had 2 nice rocks that I had caught and had on ice for less than 20 hours we both fillet them and he cooked his one way and me another (used a crab cake res. spread it out on top of the fish and broiled them). Took em out of the oven and they looked a tad bit over cooked but nothing tooo bad. Man o man took one bite of them and the fishy taste was sooo bad and over powering that I couldn't eat another bight. Felt bad about that and put them down for the dog to eat and she couldn't even finish them. Called my buddy up the next day and he said his fish had a real bad fishy taste to them as well. When I cleaned the fish they looked good and I even cut out the dark meat on the fillet. Not sure what went wrong but was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and what I could do in the future to make sure this doesn't happen again...Tanks
  2. Part 1 - Reading the Water Why is this important? If what lies below the surf waters was thoroughly understood and embraced, the more success the surf fisherman would have at catching fish! Sounds simple, but truth is reading the water is difficult. So what is below the surf waters? Well, certainly there are fish, we already know this...and for many of us that is all that needs to be known... So, for those so inclined, I guess reading the water is not a prerequisite to successfully catching fish... And there is some truth in this...a surf fisherman can totally disregard what the water is telling him, make a cast, and put a fish on the beach...happens all the time. Why? Because the fisherman more than likely, but unknowingly, had put his offering into the surf where there happened to be a fish... The question though is why was that fish there? Was it by random chance that the fish happened to be swimming by at that exact moment? Well yes, maybe...but the fish may have very well been there for other of those reasons is what I will call the physical environment or "structure" of the surf waters or more precisely the structure of the sandy bottom of the surf waters that attracts game fish... I'll address bottom fishing w/ bait along the sandy beaches of the the DelMarVa coast. Fishing the inlets, rock groins, piers and backwaters of the DelMarVa peninsula is a subject unto itself and perhaps can be discussed in another thread... Our beaches for all intended purposes are typically very flat w/ a gentle incline. This beach structure is rather common up and down the east coast and is deceptively uninteresting at first glance. The following is a simplistic drawing of a cross section of the beach and surf... Note, there are "generally" 2 main sandbars that run parallel to the the drawing they are labeled the outer and near shore sandbars... Also, there are "generally" 2 main sloughs (troughs) that too run parallel to the beach... The location of sandbars is revealed above the surf waters where waves initially crest and rollover...these crashing waves are called "breakers." The outer sandbar of course has larger breakers, while the near shore sandbar breakers are smaller... The sloughs also are revealed above the waters where there are little to no breakers. The next image is a picture of a typical looking surf on the DelMarVa coast... The above picture I took not for the waves but something else...let's see if any of you sharpies can identify what is going on... Now that this basic surf structure is understood visually the next step is easy... Fish will frequent the sloughs in the surf, especially Stripers. They like to get as low as possible w/ their bellies virtually touching the sand as they cruise the is here they are most comfortable plus the slough gives them a certain degree of stealth as they move about looking for food... So, placing your offerings in the slough would be optimal as shown in the next image... A less viable option IMHO would be to place the offering on the sandbar...if the slough does not produce fish I would considered placing the offering on the sandbar...but only during high tide and not at all on the near shore sandbar at low tide...the water would just be too skinny at that time and location... Part 2 - Reading the Water Lets look at another surf structure that probably accounts for more "fishy activity" than any other—the out-suck aka rip current aka hole aka riptide aka break in the sandbar, etc. Here is a drawing that depicts an out-suck...for simplicity purposes only 1 sandbar is shown... Note, not all "breaks in the sandbar" are out-sucks... This picture shows a wide break in the outer sandbar on AI...but there was no out-suck. Remember, Stripers like moving water and they are masterful and powerful swimmers, using their broad tails to maneuver about in the surf... So the area around an out-suck from the feeders, through the neck (channel) and out into the head is prime Striper habitat... Why? Because at the out-suck water is swirling about, forming a current to and past the outer sandbar wherein small bait fish can get swept up or caught in the dynamics of the moving water and ending up as easy prey for the Striper. The place where Stripers will congregate the most at an out-suck of course is at the head or just outside the outer sandbar. Here they lie in wait to ambush their prey...sort of like a feeding station. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to place (cast) an offering beyond the outer sandbar as the distance is too great. However, the Stripers will come into the neck and even the near shore feeders of the out-suck when they are hungry (which is all the time) looking for prey... So optimally, you want to place (X) your offerings perhaps as follows...note, a very good area would be the ends of the sandbar which are sometimes called a shoulder... Out-sucks are hard to see at times, especially at water level... I'll climb a dune or stand on my truck to see better the water conditions. Also, out-sucks are more pronounce at or near low tide. Finally, here are some pic's of out-sucks... Standing on a beach they could look rather subtle and therefore easily overlooked... By: Rumble Fish aka Poppy on
  3. :icon_scratch:So, I am not a real strong fisherman -meaning I'm not as fishy as some other guys. I've been into it about 10 years or so. One of my best friends always laughs when I tell him I was fishing in a south wind. This guy is fishy. Always catching the big ones etc. been fishing his whole life. I am starting to believe in the south wind theory. What do you guys think?
  4. Rain is pretty much gone, surf is rough and winds will be N-NW 12-15 all day with temps in the mid to upper 40s.
  5. With a thought of A Red stuck in my head It wasn't long Destiny and I were up out of bed The sun up and just arose A road to the south, is what we chose After hours on the road to get where we were going The wind was NW and it was blowing The bugs were biting and man they weren't playing Out came the Off and we were spraying Met up with Chris a little further down the beach I could feel a Red, just in reach We wet a line just for a bit But quickly found out, fishing wasn't chit Chris left the beach to get us a bite to eat He came back with a pizza, man that was sweet Chris said let's move further south I couldn't get "OK" quick enough out of my mouth We sqeezed the trucks on a tight little path Trying not go give our trucks a bath The dunes on one side and the ocean on another Getting through there, was a real mother We turn the corner and what did I see Another boat needing assistance from me OK OK it really isn;t true I took a quick pic and then I was through The beach was a shell hunters heaven Shells we took home must have numbered 1,000,007 Horseshoe crabs were really numerous It was almost kinda humerous We walked the beaches with a relief from the bugs Came across a spot that put a smile on our mugs Wet a line and the fish we did spook Low and behold, we pounded the fluke Never got a keeper As the larger fish must have been sleepers We waded out on a bar in hopes of a Red The channel held no fish and was quite dead. As the wind switched to the NE We headed to the surf, in search of a beast I was still getting some flounder on the oceanside When I spotted a rod bent over in the corner of my eye I run to the rod and set the hook Alot of line this fishy took I fought it for some while With a chit eating grin, Ok it was a smile Just as I got it cross the bar Landing this beast was too far It jumps out of the water and looks like a Cobia Then it happened my worst fobia The line broke and I was devistated I wanted to break the rod, but I hesitated I walked back to the truck shaking my head Oh well, I'll settle for a Red instead The night fell and the moon came out The Gost Crabs were out and about 24 hours of fishing and I got no Red I wanted to show you all one, so here is this one instead It was a great trip with many fish caught A Red I would get for sure, I thought Great time with good friends Sorry to say, here is where the story ends
  6. Could get interesting this week with the current forecast if it stays. One storm already passing by us and another right off the coast, then this the next few days: Monday: NE wind 13 to 16 kt increasing to 16 to 19 kt in the afternoon. A chance of showers, with thunderstorms also possible after noon. Seas 4 to 5 ft. Monday Night: NNE wind 17 to 20 kt increasing to 20 to 23 kt after midnight. A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Seas around 5 ft. Tuesday: NNE wind 17 to 20 kt decreasing to 14 to 17 kt in the afternoon. A chance of showers, with thunderstorms also possible after noon. Seas 5 ft subsiding to 3 ft. Tuesday Night: NE wind around 15 kt. A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Seas around 3 ft. Wednesday: NE wind 14 to 16 kt. A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Seas around 4 ft. Things could get mighty fishy here real quick! I know where I will be when this all passes or on the backside of it!!!!
  7. what a day! I was too excited to sleep last night so I have been running on empty all day. just got home about an hour and a half ago. looking forward to bed. anyways. heres a quick report. we took 2 boats out of HI and loaded the yaks on them. we took them offshore trying to catch dolphin from the yak. on our boat it was me, Ric Burnley, captain, mate, cameraman, 3 hooters girls, and Joy who will be writing an article for the island free press. it was very calm in the morning on our way out. we found an area that looked fishy. Ric was fishing solo in a yak and I was paired with joy as her "motor" in a tandem. that was pretty much my duty but we found it better if she was the motor and I was the fisher. that way she could still take pics when there was a fish on. I was the first to hook up not long after arriving. sitting on top of the water and looking up at a dolphin jumping out of the water is an awesome feeling. he took line, I took line back and forth until I had him along the side of the yak. I have never seen any dolphin as beautifully lit up as I did today when they were next to the yak. I took a wrap on the leader and the leader parted! 0 for 1. not long after that Ric hooks up and he lands his fish after a couple jumps and a tug of war. in the next 3 hours or so I manage 4 more bites of very acrobatic dolphin. towing Joy and I around and turning our yak. I still didn't land any and am 0 for 5. Two parted leaders and 3 pulled or thrown hooks. Ric gets a couple more bites and lands another one. even after joy and I switched roles she got a bite. unfortunately, that one threw the hook to. I don't think I can describe the feeling you get when you have a 10-15 pound gaffer dolphin going airborne, sometimes less that 10 feet in front of you. or doing a 360 around your yak. sometimes you have to actually look "up" at them in the air when you are in the yak. really cool. at one point they were jumping in my kayak! another time I saw a small school of them right under my kayak. Well, one that was hooked on the boat jumped and landed right in front of me in my yak! he flopped around for a second and went off the other side. this is definitely something I want to do again! I think the guys on the other boat managed to catch 1 dolphin and a few amberjacks. pics and video to come soon!
  8. Late report but the skunk was on at owls creek. Weather was nice, water clear, but no fish. I did more scouting than fishing. The whole creek looks fishy. I'll report again when the seasons in full swing. The yakkers and small boaters were out in full force.
  9. Chris and I headed out last night to get some fresh bait for our upcoming trip. We got some very nice bait and was in high hopes of a great day of fishing. I woke up with a very good feeling due to the weather. Chris also said he felt good about the trip. We got to our honey hole and fished for about 10 hours without a bite. Never saw a fish caught. APRIL FOOLS:eusa_dance: The weather was snotty just the way we like it. Winds SE 10-20 and gusting and raining on and off. The water was a little stained, but cleaned up on the incoming tide. I was saying "here fishy, fishy, fishy PPSSS, PPPSSS, PPPSSS (like you would a cat). I was catching carfish left and right. I will never do that again:eusa_naughty:. Well we finally got a few stripers. Biggest was 39"L and 24 1/2"G. All were between 37-39". We must have lost 10 fish easy. More pics to follow
  10. Went to BBNWR this AM, but it was closed, so did the zig and zag thing till I ended up at the oceanfront. First starting catching some nice bait spot, then nailed a nice fat 26" red who didn't want to show her face, so she got a bit dirty before the photo op: After that I proceeded to catch 15 smaller pups with some nice markings. The smaller pups were right in the wash and were nailing crab fishbites as soon as they hit. Caught a few doubles of pups as well which was some nice pullage on a lite rod: Ended up nailing another 26.5" red: In between all the pup action, I had a nice yearling on till the last wave took her up and put some slack in the line and I lost her. She sure was pretty slapping that tail as she swam away! Had a nice run of mullet go through several times, but the bluefish got so thick, I think the reds didn't have a chance. Must have caught and released 24-36 bluefish in the 1-2# range. It was mayhem for a while and I had to put the rods back up and only fish two. Let RACN and Andy for cleanup duties with the start of the outgoing tide. It was fishy to say the least! Saw a nice little black drum caught as well down from me about 75 yards:
  11. Rolled out the Jon Boat again because its Saturday and theres was NO WAY I was launching the big boat and run up N down the beach chasing freezer is full anyway. Normally I fish the heck out of West Neck this time of year.......went last week and we didnt do well at all,decided to go marks spots for future trips on the NW River......been there fished it a million times but always threw the back of the park with my I launched at Bob's and headed went under the bridge because my Garmin said there was 20 or so feet of water on the other side......true enough but NO FISH ? No Where......marked lots of suspended fish but no takers.....Only numbers I have in my phone are out of towners that have fished here....Ranger and Shoer.....So I called Dayton and asked WTF over ?> Headed his advice and drifted under the bridge towards the R/R Bridge......picked up several (4) crapppie right on the pilons around 8 ft deep....released the specks and moved on.......puttered back past boat ramp and headed around the corner........I have never been her mind you and my boat is way under powered with a puny 9.9 on a 16ft Super wide Duck Boat.......I had no idea the people that waved knew who I was, just be'n friendly so I waved and kept on getting up at a blistering 7 1/2 MPH...... man theres a lot of islands back up in there !! Marked some fish and decided to anchor around a bend back away from 2 other boats that were stopped and fishing, I didnt want to go between them and impose.......I found several fat females right away behind me where the drop off was and Leo fished out front in shallow water under a big stump......thats where we sat and wore their little fishy butts out !! As far as I can recall we were over 50 on our "first,big and most" bet.......we kept like 20 between the two of us. He had never even seen a perch before so I sent him home with all but 6 for me & whatherface.......It was dark when we left the boatramp !! Not a bad day at all for being "rookies" on new water.........I would go back tomorro if it not for a Rockfish Charter on the BIG BIG Boat .......Today water temp was 47.8, I got the fat girls in 14 feet of water 8 feet down......Leo's fish were in 6 ft right under that minnows under slip bobbers....... HERES THE STUMP WE FISHED AT ::::
  12. Last week there were some reports of stripers caught both on the beachfront and inlets. Tog action has been very good as well. Chomper blues are also making a showing in the line up. Feel free to post your reports here, fish or no fish. I hope everyone has a great Thankgsgiving Day!
  13. Hit a new creek on Bushy park on Saturday... made our way back to a fishy looking bend and watched ofr a while. I saw a school of rat sized and slot sized reds moving around a little. I guess about 25-30 fish. My brother threw a mud mnnow out on a cork and hooked up on a nice 15" red, I threw one onthe bottow the other side of the bend and nabbed another nice 15". We called it a day not long after but had a blast. Fished the last of the outgoing tide and the very beginning of the incoming... I like the new creek... I am going to try and hit it again REAL soon.... Sorry guys... I didn't see the "charter boat" part... I don't do charter boats :-)
  14. Got to Daves at 0600 and headed up 460 to Hopewell Virginia to launch and fish the DUTCH GAP area of the James there just after 0730 and drop the bait net in and then drifted for a few catfish with cut spot from home......No takers......checked back in the net and had 8 or so nice fat shad....the mainstay of the river. - went up river and tied off to some dead trees....( I HATE ANCHORING ).....there were dozens of LM Bass busting the top of the water just after sunrise and we had NOTHING for them....all CATFISH RIGS & SET UPS !! Tossed out some cut shad and Dave lands a little blue catfishy ! Time set & no more fish....second spot we ties up and Dave get a channel catfish.....Time set and move to the 3rd spot....we gotta use the anchor cause we are in deep water where I let the 42 pounder go with Eberwein ......Dave gets a 5 pounder and we set a bit and move to spot were more of a scouting spots for next trip......all this YESTERDAY while JW slept threw it....we beat on his door, called his no avail we went without him........maybe next time he will get to go huh Dave.....Nah, he has to WORK !@!@!@!@!@!
  15. Hit the beach Yesterday from about 2:00 p.m. through 2:00 Today(Saturday). The weather was ominous and got a little nasty....but as soon as we found our hole, about 4 miles from the access point, it was Dogfish after dogfish, and skate after skate. Actually, the first fish caught got off in the wash, but looked like a short striper. We couldn't get more than two rods out each until about midnight!!This action went on until I crashed about 3:00 a.m. Saturday. All the doggies were about 2.5' to 4' long, on bunker. I had two rods out with clam and bloodworm bait....but not a nibble from any drum. The interesting thing to me was that I had three breakoffs on huge bunker heads, where the 55 pound line connected to the hook was bitten in half. I'm wondering what that was. It happened to my buddy as well......could it have been a big bluefish....I thought it was too early for sharks. Anyway, they pulled hard for about 20 seconds...then snap. I checked, and it wasn't my knot letting go!! Got back up aroujnd 6:00 a.m. and fished hard til I left at 2:00 today...It was overcast and "fishy".....but no more fish other than a big skate. Probobally should have found another spot...but too lazy and tired. Had a picture of the biggest doggie...but the file is too I can't post it. Be back in two weeks!! Mark
  16. had 2 kinds of new fish Orange Rufe and Chilin sea bass Both very nice fish ...Have to say liked the Orange fishy the best. No fishy taste at all. In fact the cook had put some sort of stuffing on top of it and it tasted more like the stuffing than anything else. Someone told me Cobia is the same way what every you season it with is what it will taste like. But over all nice tasting fishies
  17. I'm heading out in an hour and change and hitting the beach for a nice long November sit. Any and all are welcome, if you need a lift on to the sand just give a ring 410-375-1356. I will likely be solo so I could use someone to talk to besides myself. Start to look for me down past 32 but if I find something "fishy" on the way down I'm not above fishing it through the night. Black Sequoia, Rack on the front I should have 4 glowsticks out on the edge and hopefully a fish in the box! I should only be off the beach if eels are hot, I'll probably have to make a run for more...even then I won't go past Harbor Tackle and right back out again.
  18. Has any one fished the back flats of ocean city? It looks very fishy..... off the boat traffic, lots of bait, crabs, and places to hide. I have seen big rays in there, but what about flounder, stripers, and perhaps a red fish???
  19. Did you ever fish the park right on the North end of Harrisburg on Front street? Looks pretty fishy, plus you can see the statue of Liberty from the bank of the river.
  20. when Iam heading down the beach looking for spot what should I be looking for far as fishy waters? is low tide the best time for scotting areas?