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  1. As usual, I read through the many fishing reports and see the amazing pictures of anglers proudly posing with their catch. By the time I have finished looking at the photos for the fourth time, the “fishy” part of my brain is creating a new list of excuses that may convince my wife to let me go fishing. Once I have finished explaining how the tide will be perfect for the next few hours, the weather forecast could not get any better and the tackle shop just received fresh bait, she usually gives her approval. In a rush to get out the door before she changes her mind, I find myself quickly going through my mental list of surf fishing necessities. Before I know it, I am on the sand wishing I had spent a little more time on that mental list. Depending on where you fish, having to run back to your house or the nearest tackle shop may not be a big deal, however if you fish areas like the southern end of Assateague Island, having to admit to your fishing buddy how you managed to forget the bait knife is not a good feeling. Some anglers like to step out for an hour or two and they don’t need to take much with them. On the other hand, if you are like me and can’t help but fish until it hurts, there are many items you can bring that will ease the pain. First of all, make sure you know the license requirements, regulations and creel limits for the beach you will be fishing. It is also a good idea to keep a fish species reference guide with you to help identify your catch. If you are not sure what you have caught, safely remove the hook and get it back into the water as fast as possible. A good photo will last much longer than any fish you will catch, so don’t hesitate to snap a quick picture. You will need something to help carry your gear through the soft sand. A surf fishing cart can be a great investment for fishing spots such as the North end of Assateague Island. On some beaches, such as the federal side of Assateague Island, you are allowed to drive your vehicle on the beach. This is very convenient for longer fishing trips that require more fishing gear. Of course you will need your surf fishing rod and reel, sinkers, hooks, and other basic fishing tackle. Choosing the type of tackle needed always depends on the species of fish you will be targeting. There are numerous options when it comes to choosing your tackle, however don’t let it overwhelm you. Your best bet will be checking out the fishing reports on the Internet and spending some time talking to the folks at our local tackle shops. They will be able to help you get an idea which rigs are best for your tackle box. You are going to need a cooler with ice to keep your bait fresh. It does not take long for the sun and warm air to dry out even the freshest bait. In the spring, the most commonly used baits, such as bunker or peeler crabs are going to need to be cut into pieces, so having a strong, serrated knife and cutting board are essential. The springtime sun can feel very warm at home; however the ocean breeze can feel surprisingly cold! Make sure you dress appropriately and have a good idea of the weather forecast. Even on those cloudy days, you will get sunburned so don’t forget sunscreen. Having a hat and a pair of polarized sunglasses will not only help with the sun’s glare on the water, it will also keep you from getting the painful “squint eye” headache. Wearing a comfortable pair of waterproof waders will certainly help keep your legs warm and dry when that unexpected wave sneaks up on you right in the middle of your cast. After you have heaved your bait into the surf, you are going to need a sturdy sand spike to hold your rod. When choosing your sand spike, make sure the bottom of your rod easily fits into the sand spike. In my opinion, the longer the sand spike, the better. You will need to shove it down into the sand far enough to be able to put pressure against it without it falling over. As the tide comes in and the sand becomes soft, make sure you frequently check your sand spike to ensure it does not move easily. One of the most common critters you are likely to catch is the Clearnose skate. Trust me, having a quality pair of needle nose pliers and fishing gloves will come in very handy when removing the hook from these spine covered bottom dwellers, as well as many other fish. Being able to sit down and rest while you wait for that record fish to swim by will make your trip much more enjoyable. Although your cooler can also serve as a seat, I recommend a lightweight beach chair with a cup holder. It’s always a good idea to bring something to eat and plenty of fresh water for drinking and washing your hands. Most importantly, you must remember you will be in constant contact with things that can hurt you if you fail to respect them. Think about it, you are dealing with sharp hooks and lead weights that are being hurled at incredible speeds. Be aware of the power of the ocean and the heat of the sun. There is always the possibility that you will have to unhook many different types of critters and just about all of them have some sort of natural defense. Excitement and adrenaline can take over very quickly when surf fishing and you have to remember to stay focused. Always have a first-aid kit and cell phone, especially if you are fishing alone. Although it may not be on your list of surf fishing gear, being safe is without a doubt the last thing you want to forget. Whenever possible, bring a friend with you. Not only can they help you untangle that spiny dogfish from your line, but in my opinion, sharing a good day on the beach with a buddy is a reward in itself.
  2. I was wondering how far out do I have to go to catch some sharks. 2-5 foot sharks will be my range. I can take my boat out about 15 miles. Do I anchor or drift? What pound test? Thanks
  3. Ok with all the talk this year of getting a big shark and with all the new to shark fishing anglers I felt that a thread of general shark fishing tactics and responsibilities should be posted. In my opinion if you want to catch a shark but have never done it ask us here on atlantic anglers for someone to join you to "show the ropes". Better to have experience with you the first time you hook up to that big one with your adrenaline pumping and nerves shot. The other thing is to know where to set up and keep your targeted game on the hush side of things. Im not saying to hide the fact that your sharkin just dont tell everyone you run into on what your going after. We don't need any more attention to what we are fishin for than what is already being made. Case in point, a fellow shark angler has had great success sharkin up north this year and has posted pictures all over the place. Because of this, this northern state will now be putting in regulations on yaking out baits for quote unquote "big game". Shark fishing is not illegal,but it is walking a fine line. A lot of the sharks being caught are on the near threatened or threatened species list. If the wrong person catches a shark being mishandled things can get ugly real quick. Now back to location, I emphasized this because I don't think it would be a wise idea to go down to lets say ocean city and set up shop next to dozens of swimmers looking to catch a toothy critter. I know they are their anyway but to city officials you attracted them to that spot, also using bait attracts them their not because the shark just happens to be their. I am not trying to complain just want for everyone to be able to enjoy catching these beautiful species for many more years, and want to ensure everyone fishing for them uses good common sense so no one gets hurt including the shark. give some feedback and lets see what everyone else has to say.
  4. Things are slow here in the Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet SC area this time of year... Fishing Reports Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet area Fishing Report Fishing the Murrells Inlet/Myrtle Beach area is seasonal with the fishing a little slow for March til the middle of April. Mid April, the fishing starts to pick-up for some Flounder and Red Drum. Everything[Fishing] is always weather related in Murrells Inlet and Myrtle Beach the sooner the water temp. gets in the 60's the fishing will get better. Late April thru December is always a good time for fishing for Red Drum, the bait moves in and the fishing turns on. June, July and August, the water temp is getting rite for ALL fishing in the Murrells Inlet/Myrtle Beach areas! Everything is good at the beach! People are out in the sun,shopping,fishing and the Murrells Inlet/Myrtle Beach area is hopping! August and September the Spanish and King Mackerel are on the beach and can be caught live baiting along the coast. We often catch them at the jetties or 3-mile reef or trolling with planners and spoons. Fishing at Murrells Inlet/Myrtle Beach during the summer months you never know what you are going to hook-up with so expect to catch a anything while fishing,maybe even a SHARK. For all you that like catching Trout, Weakfish Trout are plentiful sometimes around Sept/ Oct. While the true Winter Trout only starts when the water temps start dropping in to the 60's and lower. I'm Capt Shannon Currie and hope you have a great fishing experience while fishing in Murrells Inlet/Myrtle Beach please call or visit the site below if you need more info.There you will find all fishing info and pictures.
  5. What about Fishing do you enjoy the most?
  6. What is a good conventional reel that is star drag? I am new to surf fishing and I want a better reel, but I don't know a good strong reel that I can cast. I would like to stay in the $200 range. If anyone can help, that would be great. Thanks
  7. If anyone knows what some of the size and creel limits for 2013 are for md can you let me know.I tried looking for them, but I could not find anything. Thanks
  8. How is surf fishing? Did the ocean calm down in Ocean City Md? How is the striper bite? Anything else showing up? Brian
  9. Ok guys, so I'm planning a trip to camp out on Assateague between Sept 22-26 and was wondering what kind of fishing I'd be looking at from the surf/rt. 50 bridge/Ocean City Inlet? I've been going to Assateague every year for roughly the last 10+ years (always around Mid July) and have muddled around with some surf fishing and from the wall in Ocean City (flounder/kings/croakers/blues and the most recent of years the occasional shark at night) and a giant ray in the inlet as well. I'd like to give some other things a shot (never fished the rt. 50 bridge) but I'm not sure what I should be worried about what fish to be keying in on? I love the sport of catching sharks at night, but am just as into catching fish that I can grill over an open fire for dinner. Any pointers/tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Sorry I havent been posting for awhile, been way too busy with access issues and legislative agendas. Anway, here we go boys and girls, winter is over and it is finally warming a bit. Fore those of who who hit the suds, please feel free to post your reports here. Sporatic Blues, Stripers and Flounder have been snagged out of the surf, but has slowed with the cold snap the last couple of days. The Blowfish bite is pretty good in the white water and there is plenty of shorts to keep your interests peaked. I did manage to get out finally today and caught the usual suspects of skates and spineys. I was pleased to get my fill of Blowfish and managed to stick a few shorties as well. Please do not forget to sign the OBX petition for access in the OBX.
  11. Wanted to start a specific thread for fishing reports in Rehoboth Bay/Canal and Indian River Bay/Inlet as well as Masseys Ditch. I fish weekly there and will post my results. I urge others to do the same. Maybe we can learn something from one another.
  12. There are more helpful online resources for fishing and boating than ever before. Novice or seasoned angler, there is something for everyone. From new techniques and products to the latest weather information, the sites below promise to make your fishing more enjoyable.
  13. A bunch of friends and I are heading down to Assateague March 13th through the end of the weekend. I an experienced fisherman but I've never been to the island. I've been doing research and was wondering is someone could tell me what I could expect to catch that time of year down there. I've seen a lot of the shark pictures and have the kayaks to bring bait far out but wanted to know if they'll even be active in-shore that early. Also I know most guys are tight lipped when it comes to spots but if someone could point me in the right direction as far as location it would be much appreciated although I'm not sure that that is really possible when it comes to surf fishing. Thanks for any help.
  14. tried fishing assateague island for the last time saturday night got skunked again as normal for the past 17 years . what am i missing other than fish . never see any thing other than small skates n shark smaller than 16'' . think i'll stick to fishing delaware's beaches , they are closer and more actual fish worth catching. WHAT AM I MISSING?!
  15. Anyone know if I would have any realistic success surf fishing for sharks on Long Island. I'm worried that they remain too far from the coast to have decent odds at catching any. Thanks.
  16. Hat's off to the ECO's: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Denise M. Sheehan today announced the charging of a Shirley man with multiple violations of the Environmental Conservation Law after Environmental Conservation Police Officers (ECOs) observed the individual allegedly possessing 268 blackfish over the state’s fishing limit. "This arrest once again demonstrates the work that our ECOs do each day to protect the public, and our natural resources," Commissioner Sheehan said. "ECOs are tireless in their pursuit of violators of the State’s Environmental Conservation laws." ECOs observed Arthur C. Reilly, 46, of 39 Cypress Lane, Shirley as he returned to Senix Marina, Center Moriches aboard his commercial fishing vessel "Flora-Jo." Upon docking his vessel officers observed him offloading live blackfish into three holding pens that were in the water at the boat slip. In total, Mr. Reilly had 293 live blackfish, 268 over the state limit, and also had five striped bass and fillets of three other striped bass in a cooler on the vessel. The state’s striped bass season ended on December 15. After counting the blackfish, 268 live blackfish were released. Mr. Reilly was charged with possession of striped bass out of season and possession of blackfish in excess of the limit, all violations, with additional charges pending. In addition to the work done by Long Island area ECOs to investigate marine fishing violations, the DEC also formed a Marine Enforcement Unit in June 2005 under Commissioner Sheehan’s leadership. The MEU is specifically responsible for protecting the State's marine resources by enforcing State and Federal laws and regulations concerning habitat preservation and the recreational and commercial harvesting of fish, shellfish, and crustaceans. ECOs in the unit are assigned to the lower Hudson Valley, New York City and Long Island. The MEU includes 10 officers and an investigator.
  17. Snook, Trout and Redfish continued to be my main targets this week. I have been catching my Snook on the south shore of Tampa Bay from Miguel Bay to Piney Point. I am targeting mangrove islands and points on higher tides using live greenbacks and shrimp rigged on a 1/0 circle hook and 25lb. fluorocarbon leader. The fish have been averaging 22 to 25 inches with the largest fish of the week topping out at 29 inches. Redfish have also continued to be consistent this past week. Although, I am not finding the large schools of fish yet, I am finding consistent groups of 5 to 10 fish. I am moving around a lot, working areas that have shell or oyster bottom and good current flow. Live or freshly dead shrimp on a 1/0 circle hook and a small split-shot is my rig of choice when targeting redfish. If you are an artificial enthusiast, the Mirrolure Mirrodine, or a GULP Shrimp on a 1/8<SUP>th</SUP> ounce jighead are great options. Lastly, Trout are still producing and can definitely turn a slow day into a great trip. Most of the fish I have been catching are in the 12 to 15 inch range, but the largest fish of the week was just under 26 inches. DOA golden bream shadtails rigged on a 1/8<SUP>th</SUP> ounce chartreuse jighead, or the Mirrolure Mirrodine are great choices when targeting Trout with artificial baits. When using live bait, a live large shrimp suspended 18 to 24 inches below a popping cork will almost always produce consistent catches.
  18. Hey guys I am tryin to get myself into some fly fishin this season mostly on the flats and thoroughfare, down by the Verazano bridge and the back bays, and maybe some light surf fishin hittin the inside trough. if anyone has any insight into fly fishin <acronym title="Ocean City"><acronym title="Ocean City"><acronym title="Ocean City"><acronym title="Ocean City">OC</acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym> or does it themselves post up and we can get a general thread going Thanks! Zach
  19. My name is Dave Hollinger,I've been posting for awhile now.I live in York,Pa where I install inground swimming pools.We have a small trailer in Bishopville,Md where we try to spend as many weekends as possible.I love to fish and boat,and would like to get into surf fishing.I really injoy this site and the friendly people who frequent it. Hopfully with your help my fishing adiction will turn into a catching adiction. Daveh 8)
  20. Fri 8/14 Had Cool Hand Al, Ralphy aka Mr Okuma, Brian, Kevin, Arty and Kenny for another day of Fluking... Nj Bob was Nice enough to drop off a crumbcake in the Morning thanks Bob!!! Headed up to the SAME GROUNDS we been fishing for over 3 weeks... In the ruff stuff... Started Out with No drift sliding at .2 but we were able to picka keeper every time we stopped and a couple of shorts... Stayed with that till the Mugging became unbearable with boats stoping 20 ft on each side of us... Moved to a new area in it was More Of the same... keeper here keeper there shorts and some Lulls... We finally started to get some Current and the fish started to chew... Keep making shorts drifts working patches of keepers... some drifts we would get 2,3 or 4 some none But we Kept at it... Bucktails Def out fished bait today... with only a few fish coming on dragged bait... Congrats To Cool Hand Al who had his best day of the 2009 fluke year today... He was high hook with a limit Plus... Arty Caught his limit+ on Gulp... and Kenny Jigged Up his Limit as well... Way To hang with it Brian who came on strong at the end with some nice keepers ... Ralphy Banged a couple of keepers as soon as he switched Rods! So Some guys fared better than others today Depending on setups but we had a pick all day and grinded away at quality Keepers to fill the cooler! By days end the Cooler was filled with 36 Keeper Fluke the 6 man Limit... And everybody went home again with a jumbo bag o fillets On a side Note it is unbelievable how unprofessional Some Other Charter Capts Are... Fishing an General Area Is one Thing But a Belmar and Pt Charter Boat that circles around ya when you net a fluke and parks where you could cast your bucktail in his cockpit is Terrible and pathetic! Find Your own! Thanks again guys! SaT 8/15 It CONTINUES!!! Capt Wayne called me about an hour ago and the fluke cont to bite in da rough stuff ... Same area WE BEEN FISHING! Bucktails and Big baits! They have Tims the ex blackcat charter today a 5 man crew and have 30 keepers A 5 man Limit.... Bob bates had his limit by 10:00 am and is now high hook with double digit keepers... High Hook was in the double digits with keepers! Top fish were 7lbs, 2 @ 6.6lbs, 6.3lbs, 5.15lbs Thanks Guys! Sun 8/16 The beat goes on! 7 trips in a row with guys on the boat having limits... Capt. Wayne on the helm again today SAME AREA WE BEEN FISHING... Bill LavBob, Matt Avid, Brian and friends headed back to the rough stuff... Just read my text and Lavbob Bill had his limit by 9:30 am and is high hook with double digit keepers... Matt aka Avid has now been on the boat 3 times and limited out EVERY TIME.... He has some nice fish today with almost his whole limit of 6 fish being over 5 lbs... Brian also landed a couple of good ones! 5 man crew(one guy bailed tin the am) and 30 keeper fluke are in da cooler Bucktails and teaser again outfished bait... Matt Aka Avid Had the most impressive limit i have seen all year... All 6 fish were between 5-7.5lbs... Just Himself his 6 Fish were 7.5lbs 7.3lbs 7lbs 6.3lbs 5.4 and 5.2lbs not to mention he has caught 5 Limits + on his last 3 trips with us way to Go Matt!!! Bill had the Top fish @ 8lbs and Brian Jr and Scott put some nice Fish in the boat as well everyone went home with Jumbo bags o fillets again! All the fish in the front row are 5-8lbs... Enjoy! Thanks Again!!!
  21. Please feel free to post your fishing experiences. It is a little slow right now except for the occational schools of croaker and spot. There has been some exceptional sharking this year! Keep Fishin!
  23. After my wife came home from work, I watched a little tube with her until around 9. The tide I wanted to fish would be turning around at 11, and the wind was perfect for the place I wanted to go, according to the weather man. The Jeep was already packed, and will probably stay the way until November, so as soon as I heard the first snore from my wifes nose, I stepped out. The drive was about 45 minutes, and I hit an occasional drizzle and gust of wind on the way, kinda what I was hoping for, as the front would be running through and I wanted to be ahead or under it. As I drove into the park road I noticed the wind wasn't quite what I had hoped for but this spot can allow for that. I followed the road around the lighthouse, and parked at a different spot than originally planned for.. I geared up, checked the batteries in the head lamp, and flashlight and headed down a path I hadn't been down in years. When I reached the end of the path, I noticed how an easily reachable, beautiful place can be utterly destroyed by today's youth, and lost generation, with a can of spray paint , and lack of adult supervision. Why is it they can't just enjoy the splendor of nature, without having to proclaim their sexual desires on every flat surface they can paint on? It wasn't long before travel became difficult, and my Korkers clawed the rock for traction. The spray painted proclamations also disappeared. I continued Traversing, climbing, and clawing my way to a location I haven't been to for quite a while, that would be right in the face of the wind. When I reached it, I knew I made the right choice. I lit a smoke, turned off the head lamp, and allowed my eyes to adjust. Constantly watching the surf for it's surge pattern, I started to notice the way the rips were forming as the outrushing water was channeled by the caverns and valleys of the reefs cut by millenia of surging waves. I watched for the low spots in the climbing waves, as that also indicated where my deeper water would hold feeding fish. I selected the first plug to throw into the wash, and slowly made my way down to the edge, under the red lense of my head lamp. I stood on the end of a reef about half way up my thighs in surging water, and watched the plug land in the rip, right where I wanted it. Off in the distance I could see the lights of downtown Newport, the nightclub district, and thought about how fortunate I was to have this quiet place all to myself. I reeled the plug as slow as the Zee would allow and the metal lip took hold and I could feel the plug begin to impart it's action with a slow enticing wobble. 15 or so cranks into the retrieve I was rewarded by a crushing hit from a small but fiesty Bass. The fight was short, as the fish was only around 22 inches. I let him go into a wave surge and was rewarded with a face full of water from the slap of his tail. I told him to get his Grand Mother, and took another cast. The wind continued to spray with water lifted from the curling waves, and the fish continued to keep me interested. When the tide reached dead low, the fish moved on. I returned to the rock I sat on ealier, lit another smoke, and thought about the 11 fish I released, none to be considered huge, but all healthy and strong. The best was around 40 inches, the smallest and only "non" keeper was the first one. The cloud cover was starting to thin, and I could see a hint of the sunrise only an hour or so away. It was a faint glow of purples and reds, and I could see far more stars than I could see when I arrived. It was truly a surf casters morning. I slung my plug bag over my shoulder, picked up my rod and headed back to the truck. 45 minutes later I walked in the back door of my house, made a fresh pot of coffee just in time for my wife to wake up. She asked how the fishing was, as until her back injury 6 years ago she would have been there with me, I said, "One of the best mornings I can remember".
  24. Everyone should watch this video then contact the Aquarium that passed out bad information, the News Station that thought this was news worthy and CNN for reposting the link. Many of us are avid beach shark fishermen/women during the summer. We know the rules, we know the species...if we don't, there's no question, it goes back to be caught again. I felt my blood boil when I watched this last night. And to see the two fishermen with their "oh look I did good" looks on their faces while they were being interviewed holding it.....So let them have it...I've already called <acronym title="Connecticut">CT</acronym> DNR and they said it had already been reported and an investigation is being conducted....not really sure what needs to be investigated, there are the two morons standing there holding an illegal DEAD shark.....oh well, lets hope these guys air a retraction and an apology with a follow up story teaching all the weekend warrior fishermen out there that if you don't know what it is or the regulations for it release it to fight again another day.... Sand tiger shark caught in Milford | Connecticut