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Found 53 results

  1. Got a question about Rocks this happened to a friend of mine and me the same night. My Buddy had 2 nice rocks that he had caught and had on ice for 2 days I had 2 nice rocks that I had caught and had on ice for less than 20 hours we both fillet them and he cooked his one way and me another (used a crab cake res. spread it out on top of the fish and broiled them). Took em out of the oven and they looked a tad bit over cooked but nothing tooo bad. Man o man took one bite of them and the fishy taste was sooo bad and over powering that I couldn't eat another bight. Felt bad about that and put them down for the dog to eat and she couldn't even finish them. Called my buddy up the next day and he said his fish had a real bad fishy taste to them as well. When I cleaned the fish they looked good and I even cut out the dark meat on the fillet. Not sure what went wrong but was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and what I could do in the future to make sure this doesn't happen again...Tanks
  2. How do you usually clean them? and cook them? Do you skin them, fillet, steak or what ????? I eat a little bit of one I cooked last year but, didn't care for it. My Son said he really liked it, probably the way I cooked it.
  3. I took a couple of pictures around my backyard this evening. I like dragonflies because they eat flies. Here they are.
  4. I am often asked if Spadefish are good to eat. Yes they are. Tonight I had some company over so I cooked some up. I marinated one batch in a herb / garlic mix and grilled it. Then I batterd some in House Autry breading and deep fried it. I also cut up and grilled a bunch of fresh veggies. It was all delicious! My guest also brought some home made cookies and a cake so we covered all of the food groups, Dinner and Desert. Ha! I caught it, cleaned it and cooked it.
  6. Well, did the Lesner shuffle last night! About 16-18 people in line bombing 2oz cannonball jigs with salt water assasin's or zooms to the channel. Slow, but steady bite from 5pm-7pm with fish in the 18-24" range. I picked off an 18" and 19.5" and kept the larger one to eat this morning with my son for Brunch before the Turkey feast! Nice to get out and get an early season rock for once!
  7. Hey guys, I Just pass to said hello, and learn from the " BIG " brothers. I fish for anything from the pier and the beach ... but only eat some This year was my first at the salt water, and a real bad year for catch...but it is fishing " fun "... I fish on fresh water from my early years ( probable from 7 or 9 Y-old ), I'm learning a lot by reading, looking, and asking too. Fishing on Latin-America, fresh water it is a little different, from USA. But I will learn... One by One... day by day. If you see a spanish dude with a wife and two girls... It is ME. Please said hello and pass me the "fishing tip of the day" Thanks, guys.
  8. fished sandbridge just north of the condos friday night till about 830am saturday morning. three small sand bar sharks early in the evening. then nothing all night till it got light and then the ocean came to life, birds diving, bait jumping and lots of bluefish. borught home several to eat going to 2.5lbs. had one short quick run early in the evening but that was it. did have a great lightning show all night long. bait was fresh spot and not so fresh bunker.
  9. Im looking to buy that berkley gulp peeler crab and was wondering what fish will eat peeler crabs?
  10. Are there any fish along the MD or DE beaches that will eat shrimp?
  11. I no some things about dogfish. Like they dont have teeth like sharks but i need to know what size hook to use and what # test leader. Are they in close or out farther. What kind of bait do they eat. And what # test to use for my main line.Thanks! I no theres a lot of info.
  12. Went offshore yesterday on "Let-Er-Eat" Capt Josh, mates Dave & "Hazard" were a great team... we managed 3 Mahi total about 45 pounds. Great weather and excellent viewing many large whales, turtles, and dolphins.
  13. A buddy of mine regularly Surfs in Front of the <acronym title="Assateague Island"><acronym title="Assateague Island"><acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym></acronym></acronym> parking lots. He also knows I'm a surf fishin' junkie. As soon as I got into work this a.m., he told me that Sunday, while he was Surfing out in front of the "third" parking lot...he saw a fisherman's rod bend over and about snap...and watched him eventually reel in a "huge grey shark" next to where he was surfing. He also said it kind of scared him and that everyone was interested in watching this guy reel the shark in. I Told him I probably knew where the "culprit" would post his fish story....and wanted you guys to hear about it as well. I also assured him that there were many more large predators ready to eat him that were close in to the shoreline.... Good work...I thought is was pretty darn amusing myself....
  14. :BangHead:So im headed down next weekend for the AKE flounder pounder....which ive done every year since its inception. Awesome show..t-shirt, all u can eat and drink...for around 35$ Anytway, Always catch a lot of shorts....but never can get a hold of the 6+ pounder that steals the show. I'm thinkin of drifting spot...deep water because they'll be a lot of boat traffic...anyonw got some inside info??
  15. I read that people catch lots of doggies, skates, etc at AI. Are they good to eat? I know stripers are, obviously, but what other fish are considered tasty by the pros? For example, I personally don't care for bluefish, but would love to hear all opinions on fish that are being caught in the AI surf.
  16. So is there somewhere I can find the rules for EXACTLY what you can catch/keep/eat on AI? Thanks!
  17. Took my son out to NOB Pier for a few hours this morning. Between us we tagged and released 8 flounder from 10.5"-12.5" on Gulp! Alive swimming mullets and probably lost about 6 or so as well. My son started to help me out in the tagging process so he was getting into writing and tagging the fish for me. Bite was sloooooow and had to really let them eat it today. Color was white or chartreuse today as they really didn't seem to care. My son also scored a roundhead and a pufferfish to go along with the flounder. Saw a few small croaker and one small blue caught. Cownose rays are on patrol now and the crabs are starting to pick up as well. Looks like the weather will be unpredictable the next few days so we will see if I can get back out or not. Puffer ready for release (caught on shrimp):
  18. Hi guy's and girls,The bay has been "HOT" for this spring trophy season.Limits every trip,trolling "JUNE BUG SPINNERS",you gotta try them,they have a dot com.Big rockfish up to 42' on my boat ,the "ROCKIN-D".Also fished site #10and#11 and caught a few nice black sea bass,but I got horn dogged.any body who has fished the wrecks and reefs knows what that means.Gotta watch out for that horn on the dorsal fin,it can do damage,as they squirm around.Best to use a <ACRONYM title=Delaware><ACRONYM title=Delaware><ACRONYM title=Delaware>de</ACRONYM></ACRONYM></ACRONYM>-hooker on the side of the boat,and do not bring them over the gunwale.Spiney dogfish,some people eat them,I consider them pest.
  19. Got a chance to throw some lures for a bit..threw on a curly tail and had something chase it around..switched spots where i saw fish at earlier in the day and they were still there...just didn't wanna eat...looked like blues..maybe some big arse ready for summer
  20. If you are in the Myrtle Beach SC area,you owe it to youself to come to Murrells Inlet, just 15 min. S. on Hwy 17 Bus. Go to the waterfront area were you will find The Marshwalk.... You will find a very nice view of the inlet and many places to have a great lunch or supper. During the summer many people gather to walk and enjoy the sites and sounds of the old style walk along the water front while having your favorite beverage...........Come see us in Murrells Inlet ,you will be glad you did..
  21. We set out today for a Carolina Blue inshore grad slam and mission accomplished!! First we went and pounded on the stripers. We end up with 12 fish and kept 4. The guys were really cool and only kept what they wanted to eat! After leaving spot #1 with 4 nice stripers and 1 pretty speckled trout we went on the search for flounder and drum. At spot # 2 we found another school of stripers and a More from
  22. Hey everyone! I'm new to the area, let alone the forums... I was just curious if anyone knew of any places possible to "catch and eat" fish? Any comments/advice is much appreciated. feel free to email me also: (3rd party email removed) Thanks!
  23. took the family out for a couple hour fishing trip with Aaron Kelly on the "rock solid". Dad got to reel in his first cobia, about a 20 pounder. we were stoked. and then the magic happened. my nephew (who is only 4 years old!) caught his first fish ever! a 34" cobia! you should have sen the look on his face. we saw a couple more that didnt eat. we then proceeded to troll some spons and my nephew caught 4 spanish mackerel and 1 bluefish! damn fine for a 4 year old's first fishing outing!
  24. actually met a friend of mine this morning at his house and towed his boat to bubbas marina to launch and started fishing the bridge by 10. Didn't see a single fish on the piling or buoys so we went to open water where I saw 6 and caught 2 37"ers. The one good fish estimated at 40 lbs but wouldn't eat. The others we never even got a cast off to. At the end of the day I found out what happens when you don't pay attention while putting the boat on the trailer
  25. I was hanging out at the pier for about 2 hours and saw 1 26.6 lb. king get landed, 1 more king steal a bait, a jack, and a BIG tarpon get lost. a thunderstorm was coming and my buddy said to me "I am gonna go get my jacket, watch my stuff." right when he said that I saw a big fish try to eat his bait and then get it. my buddy hadnt left yet so he picked up his rod and let it eat and then set the hook. the tarpon only jumped once but it was awesome. it then proceeded to dump his reel even with a good drag. he had 300 yds of mono with 300 yds of braid backing and the fish popped the braid with only about 50-70 yds left. I felt the spool of the reel after the line broke and it was HOTT!