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Found 178 results

  1. Got a question about Rocks this happened to a friend of mine and me the same night. My Buddy had 2 nice rocks that he had caught and had on ice for 2 days I had 2 nice rocks that I had caught and had on ice for less than 20 hours we both fillet them and he cooked his one way and me another (used a crab cake res. spread it out on top of the fish and broiled them). Took em out of the oven and they looked a tad bit over cooked but nothing tooo bad. Man o man took one bite of them and the fishy taste was sooo bad and over powering that I couldn't eat another bight. Felt bad about that and put them down for the dog to eat and she couldn't even finish them. Called my buddy up the next day and he said his fish had a real bad fishy taste to them as well. When I cleaned the fish they looked good and I even cut out the dark meat on the fillet. Not sure what went wrong but was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and what I could do in the future to make sure this doesn't happen again...Tanks
  2. I am thinking of pulling the all nighter again tomorrow. Does anyone know how this storm will affect the conditions for sharking that evening? I know the storm should be clear, but will the water be significantly cooler, warmer, are remain about the same? Any other conditions that might change that would affect the bite? Thanks.
  3. Monday morning we had simply an unbelievable topwater bite on stripers from 23 to 27 inches!! The rockfish were smacking Stillwater Smack-it poppers all over the place! A fly rod cast popper would have done just as well, as the fish were within easy reach of a well-placed cast. Look for this hot action to last throughout the summer months. Capt. Kevin Josenhans Josenhans Fly Fishing 443-783-3271
  4. hi all fished <acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym> this past weekend (friday night and saturday morning) aand between the three of us got the big skunk:BangHead:. wont be able to get back down till next weekend (7,8,9) and ideas if the bite woll pick up?
  5. I am new to delaware, live in New Castle County, Bear to be exact, were can i take my boys fishing at around here? we like to fish for Striper, Cats, and anything else that will bite, just need to know the local area a little better to get started, thanx in advance.
  6. My son and I fought hard for our three trout in almost four hours of fishing. We didn't have any luck with bait on the bottom or under a bobber. So Adam says he wants to try a rooster tail. He proceeds to go over to the other side of the lake and catches a brown trout on his first cast!!!! He catches another one later also on a rooster tail. I caught a puny one on a silver castmaster. The bite was slow. I saw Rory Goggin across the way and he wound up with a few also. It was a beautiful day fishing! Darryl
  7. Lady Pamela II Sportfishing Charters Fort Lauderdale, Florida Fort Lauderdale Fishing - Deep Sea Fishing Charters Ft Lauderdale - Lady Pamela 2 954-761-8045 February 23, 2010 Jim, David, Jesse and three others joined the Lady Pamela II for a shared fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With six different people on board, everybody wants to do something different, so that was our plan. We started with trolling gear in the water, catching King Mackerel and Bonito fish. Then we relocated with live bait looking for a Shark bite and ended up fighting a Warsaw Grouper. Our last pit stop was to a wreck with a live Bonito and a Barracuda ate. What a day. Tight Lines! Captain David Ide Fort Lauderdale Fishing - Deep Sea Fishing Charters Ft Lauderdale - Lady Pamela 2 954-761-8045
  8. Mike and his wife Katie brought their whole gang to Fort Lauderdale for the Miami – Patriots game. For the last three years, Mike and Katie have fished the Lady Pamela fleet and man, do they have good luck. The first year they fished aboard the Lady Pamela II, Mike landed a double header Sail. Last year we headed offshore with our hard core Patriot fans and there wasn’t a fish in site for the first four hours but the last two hours of fishing made up for it, big time; seven for seven on the Sailfish bite. Talk about excitement! This year we headed out of Lauderdale Marina with beautiful weather and hoped they brought their luck. Trolling was productive. The King Mackerel were solid and Mike and Katie’s son was having a ball. Our anglers wanted to see if they could get their hands on another Fort Lauderdale Sailfish so the kites went up with live goggle eyes on the surface. Within 20 minutes of live bait kite fishing, Katie landed a beefy 20 lb Dolphin fish (Mahi Mahi). After the Mahi, Mike said “Captain David, just one Sailfish for my son, you always find them.” Immediately after Mike said the word Sailfish, we hooked a 6 ½ footer on the kite. See you guys next year!
  9. Well, did the Lesner shuffle last night! About 16-18 people in line bombing 2oz cannonball jigs with salt water assasin's or zooms to the channel. Slow, but steady bite from 5pm-7pm with fish in the 18-24" range. I picked off an 18" and 19.5" and kept the larger one to eat this morning with my son for Brunch before the Turkey feast! Nice to get out and get an early season rock for once!
  10. Fished the base of the CBBT this evening and caught one little legal 18" rock tonight. My first rock of the fall season (helps if ya actually spending some time fishin' for'em ). Anyhoo the little guy is in the fridge and will be a part of a balanced breakfast in the morning Best local beach striper bite has been at the Lesner in the last 2+ weeks, I just haven't had the chance to really hit it at all Rock on, striper skunk off the `bucket
  11. Rick, John and his buddies from New York joined the Lady Pamela II fleet for a fishing excursion out of beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Rick and his gang were pretty lucky for their first time offshore. We started off catching tons of live bluerunners and speedos. Fresh strips on the planners and ballyhoo out of the rigger caught the eye of a 10 lb King Mackerel. A 15 lb’er followed within minutes. We caught a total of four Kings before we hit the wreck. On our first drop with a live speedo we got an instant bite. By the time Rick got situated in the chair, we pulled the hook and hoped the fish was still down there. On our second drop we hooked him. A monster Mutton Snapper ate just a few miles off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.
  12. I caught a 20 inch striper off my pier at my house in Colonial Beach, Virginia. I used a live spot with a 8/0 circle hook on a fish finder rig. The wind was blowing 15 - 20 mph, so I used a 3 oz sinker. After getting it on the dock I realized it had been bitten or attacked by something. The bite marks or battle wounds were very fresh. Check it out and let me know what you think. For you all that do not know what body of water it was the Potomac river 7 miles south of the 301 bridge, or about 45 miles north of the bay.
  13. Although September is the slowest month of the year in Fort Lauderdale, it hasn’t stopped the Lady Pamela II fleet from fishing day in and day out. Our crew has been Nighttime Swordfishing the past couple of weeks and we’ve had great success offshore. On September 15th, we left the dock around 6:00 PM is hopes of tugging on a Broadbill. We reached fertile grounds around 7:30 PM and our first bait went in the water immediately. A long two hours passed before we got a bite by a 50 inch’er. Within 30 minutes of our first fight, we were hooked and ready for round two. Kevin fought the 150 lb’er for over 30 minutes; this fish didn’t give in easily. Around 2:00 AM we were 3 for 3 but the Sword was too short so we released him back into the blue. It was getting late so we gave the bite 30 more minutes before we packed up and headed home. We never got another fish on the line but we sure did go home happy campers. Tight Lines!
  14. The Lady Pamela II crew headed out for an all day Swordfish trip that lead into the night. Around lunch time, we reached our first destination of 1,800 ft of water. The first drop of the day didn’t produce much. The second drop was an instant bite but right before we got tight the Swordfish managed to pull the hook and free itself. Fifteen minutes into our third set and we were hooked. It was a battle between us and a huge Sword for 30 minutes. As soon as we got the leader, things went south and our fish disappeared. It was a bummer, but things could’ve been worse = no bites. Time flies when you’re having fun; the sun started to set and it was time to get our nighttime gear ready. Within an hour of nighttime Sword fishing, Kevin had a nice fish on the line. We all called it a 100 lb’er until the 212 lb’er was in the boat. Gear went back out immediately; we were ready to get our hands on another Broadbill. Our last fish of the night was a 45 incher that swam away a free man for a future fight. Tight Lines!
  15. Labor Day Yellow Eye’s in the Bahamas Minus the rain, weather was perfect to head over to the Bahamas for a weekend getaway with friends and family for our annual Labor Day fishing trip in Bimini. Seas were flatter than a pancake and I was looking forward to fresh Yellow Eye. As Bimini is basically my second home, I know of some great spots to put fish in the box. A group of us left the Harbor around 9:00 AM and the fun began. “Deep dropping is like grocery shopping,” as one of my buddies always said. It wasn’t an instant bite but we did manage to reach our limit and enjoy fresh dinner on the dock Saturday night. Tight Lines! Captain David Ide Fort Lauderdale Fishing - Deep Sea Fishing Charters Ft Lauderdale - Lady Pamela 2 954-761-8045
  16. Red drum fishing in the Cape Fear River,has been good so far this season with the bite being slowed ownly by a couple of low pressure systems that seemed to have stalled over the coast. The fall fishing season is soon to be upon us,I expect the fishing is really going to be good for the Cape Fear Guide. I took Billy Neely of Carolina Beach,<ACRONYM title="North Carolina"><ACRONYM title="North Carolina">NC</ACRONYM></ACRONYM> yesterday afternoon,for some late afternoon red drum fishing.This red drum bent the rod making a 100' run down the bank before,it came to the surface,then the fish went to the bank trying to get up into the grass, really a hard fighting fish. Thats's why I am hooked on Red Drum fishing !
  17. Had an all star cast... Smokey Joe, Greg Vongas, Matt Avid, Jigama Joe, Cool Hand Al and Will... Was Hoping the bite would bounce Back as we had No bites in the ocean the day before... Headed to the sticky stuff and was very happy when we caught our first Shorts and a Nice 4 lb Keeper!!! Never really could get a steady bite going but we would pick a keeper or short here n there along with a few shorts... Water was very dirty still but we were managing to put some keepers in the box despite the terrible bite... Stopped south on the way home in some cleaner water and we picked up 6 more keepers to 6 lbs... To our surprise a Barracuda grabbed a bucktail on the way up... Nice odd catch for 60ft in <acronym title="New Jersey"><acronym title="New Jersey">nj</acronym></acronym>!!! Congrats to Joe Main Monger Jigmaster for landing his LIMIT of fluke on such a slow day... Matt had 5 keepers, breaking his streak but he probably would have it if not for sabotage ... Everyone managed to get on the board and box a few!!! By days end our total catch was 21 keeper Fluke and a couple seabass... Not so Bad considering!!! Fun Day Thanks Again!!!
  18. What's up guys just got back from my first salt water fishing trip in OC in over 2 years. Just thought I'd let you all know how I did. Got into the inlet about 7 am started fishing casting Gotcha plugs, bucktails, and Gulp swimming mullets. Did not even get a bite. Moved on down towards the pier because I saw the flounder boat drifting down along the rocks. Caught a small sea bass (5 inches) on a minnow at about 10am. Caught My first sheepshead on a piece of squid shortly after . Finally ventured out on the Oceanic pier at about 11am. Started fishing and My baits were just getting murdered by small blue fish. Eating the heads off my minnows, rippin the squid right of the hook, and biting the tails of my gulps. At about 12:30pm I hooked into my first flounder (16 1/2). Then boom boom 2 more (12 and 13 inches). Caught 2 casting out to the edge of the current and the calm water. The other I caught right of the pier, just dropped a jig head with squid minnow combo straight down. Then they out smarted me a went back to stealing my bait. Headed home around 2pm burnt up, beaten, and tired. Forgot the most important thing......sunblock!!!
  19. Last week i had an awesome trip down to marathon. Although the mahi bite was nothing compared to previous trips, we had a great time catching a seemingly endless supply of snapper. the weather was decent it seemed a little windy which kept us from going offshore a couple of days but all in all the weather was cooperative. also we were able to spend the last two days of the trip chasing bugs and spear fishing, so thats always a plus
  20. Looks like a great day man!! Good job.
  21. Hi all ... I just joined the forums and enjoying the great info. I am an experienced freshwater fisherman but my recent salt water experience is limited to deepsea charters and near-shore bottom fishing. I am very excited about trying my hand at surf fishing when I bring the family out to Kill Devil Hills for the week of 15-22AUG. I think I know what I need to bring in terms of gear ... my biggest question is: We are renting an oceanfront condo there in Kill Devil Hills - can I fish the surf right there or will it be too crowded on the beach? I would prefer to avoid drivin anywhere. To help mitigate beach crowd issues (and hopefully fish are hungrier) I was planning to fish around sunrise and sunset. Will it matter for either the crowd or the bite at those times? From what i have read, it sounds like folks are mostly catchin Spot, Croaker, and some Bluefish. Should I just throw out a fishfinder rig and see what bites or is there anything in particular to target at this time of year?
  22. Well, after a marathon 48 hours of work and a round trip to VA Beach today, I tested the boat and have decided to bite. It's a Wellcraft Coastal 270, decked out for fishing (of course). Twin E-Tec 225s, ran it at 50 mph, untrimmed. This suckah throws you back in the seat! Pretty good for a 10,000 lb boat! I will be keeping it at Solomon's Island, close enough to hit the ocean in 3 hrs at a gentle cruise and even closer for the hot spots in the Chessie. So, if anyone wants to split fuel during the week, let me know....
  23. Had The Scully Family From Ohio aboard for a Bluefish trip... Was worried as most have been hearing the bluefish bite has been less than subpar... Headed out to the east... First Jig out was Hooked Up.... but it was a 12lb cod... Nice surprise!!! Moved a few miles and Joined the Jigging fleet... There were all small fish 1-3lbs But small blues is much better than no blues we welcomed the action... We broke out our lightest spinning rods and put on teasers with the jig and the guys had a blast reeling the in 2 at time.... Proceeded to catch double headers until we reached their Limit... Lots Of whales and sandeels around. Before calling it a day we stopped on a piece of bottom... adding some tasty JUMBO size Ling to bring back to Ohio... Had 8 Big Winter Flounder that we released as well! ouch We wound Up with a Limit of Blues, A 12LB Keeper Cod and 2 dozen Bottom fishing in the cooler.. Weather was Great as well as the company! Thanks Again Guys!
  24. Capt Wayne was at the helm sat and sun.... Just got the full run down reports and pics... Sat: 7/18 Don had all the Iff boys along with coolhand Al aboard...Ran to the fluking grounds and had a lot more shorts then we been seeing. They bounced around picking a few keepers But it was on the slow side but they put a few Good Fish in the box... When the action slowed Up they anchored up and drifted overa rock pile... Had a 2 dozen keeper Bottomfish including a nice blackfish, seabass, and Ling ... Guys worked hard to put some keepers in the box!!! They wound Up with 7 keeper fluke, seabass,a blackfish , Ling and a purple hake. Slow Day For Our Monger standards But a good time and some meat nonelthe less Since Don arranged the charter of course He wore the wig ... Thanks Guys Sun: 7/19 Wayne sailed with a 4 man crew.... Alex aka Mvp, Ryan scubanut, Michelle and Kevin... The day started out with a good bite, but again heavy on the shorts... but they were Putting a few good fish in the box... picked and pluked keepers n shorts... In the afternoon the bite sloed up but still enough bites to keep it interesting with a few more keepers. They Boxed up 18 keeper Fluke, 5 seabass and a stray ling by days end Congrats to Alex Mvp who had the Hothand landing 8 keepers keeping his LIMIT!!! And again the women do it a s good as the men with Michelle showing up Ryan in the keeper category Great weather with Great People Thank Guys!!!