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Found 1113 results

  1. Got a question about Rocks this happened to a friend of mine and me the same night. My Buddy had 2 nice rocks that he had caught and had on ice for 2 days I had 2 nice rocks that I had caught and had on ice for less than 20 hours we both fillet them and he cooked his one way and me another (used a crab cake res. spread it out on top of the fish and broiled them). Took em out of the oven and they looked a tad bit over cooked but nothing tooo bad. Man o man took one bite of them and the fishy taste was sooo bad and over powering that I couldn't eat another bight. Felt bad about that and put them down for the dog to eat and she couldn't even finish them. Called my buddy up the next day and he said his fish had a real bad fishy taste to them as well. When I cleaned the fish they looked good and I even cut out the dark meat on the fillet. Not sure what went wrong but was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and what I could do in the future to make sure this doesn't happen again...Tanks
  2. caught this peculiar looking creature at the CHSP pier about a week was 5-6 inches long...any idea what its called???
  4. I didn't see any mention of this in any other thread so I though I would share this story I heard on the radio today. Apparently a extremely rare species of whale worked it way up the Assawoman bay and got stuck and was eventually euthanized. It's unfortunate to see that happen but it will provide scientists with a good opportunity to learn more about it. Looks to be at about 120th street in <acronym title="Ocean City">OC</acronym>. Ocean City Maryland News - Rare Whale Found In Coastal Bays
  5. I was just wondering about specifics about driving onto the beach at Assateague. What is the cost of a year round drive on pass? Does your vehicle need to be 4x4? Also what about tire pressure? I just hoped someone could clear these things up for me...Thanks!
  6. Ok, why not? The spring get together is in the past for this year. Time to move on! Time to start talking about a summer get together on Assateague. Generally, this happens in August, down past the Bull Pen. Later on, we will set up seperate threads in reference to who's going, what to bring, and who needs a ride. To start with, we can figure on a two-day event, possibly three days. In the poll, vote for what day you would like to see the event START. If you choose Sunday, we'll figure that means Sun-Mon (and Tues?). And of course if you choose Friday, we'll figure the next two or three days. Remember, weekends are more crowded and MAY involve waiting to get on the beach, if you get there after about 8 am. Cast your votes!!
  7. I remember someone on here talking about the haywire twist for tying steel leader to hooks/swivels. just wondering how strong it is, i couldn't find any crimps anywhere around my house so i just used that knot for tying the leader to my hook and swivel(going down for a night tomorrow with some friends). It took some practice but it seems really strong when i try pulling on it, any help would be appreciated, thanks
  8. Internet Speed? Check out - The Global Broadband Speed Test How about this?
  9. I am thinking of pulling the all nighter again tomorrow. Does anyone know how this storm will affect the conditions for sharking that evening? I know the storm should be clear, but will the water be significantly cooler, warmer, are remain about the same? Any other conditions that might change that would affect the bite? Thanks.
  10. Hey guys...I am about to go on a another trip, but I took a couple people out last night and we caught something amazing. By far my most memorable fish catch of all time. Here is a teaser, a full report will come tomorrow when I have gotten some rest!: Anyone want to guess what this is? Ben
  11. Ok, so I have my molds for 3,4,5 & 6 oz bucktails and parachutes ordered. They should be here in a couple days. I already have powder coat, which I know will be better, however I'm guessing that it'll be the more expensive option. The other option is vinyl paint. I'm thinking that will be cheaper but less durable. How about some input everyone! By the way, if I can get good at making them (umbrellas, tandem bucktails and parachutes, and singles) I'm hoping to market some of them....
  12. Was our first trip this year caught 4 in about 2.5 hrs. The Gods smiled on us and gave one for diner The boat ran great which is an achievement all to its self and we had a great day on the H20. Can't ask for much more than that. :eusa_dance:
  13. Can someone tell me where about is Lobster claw and rutchers cans I would need the gps coordinances please? thank you
  14. Anyone have any infrmation about what has been going on out there? I see a few blotters in the fishing reports but was thinking about motoring out there tomorrow. Any suggestions?
  15. thinking about running up to AI this weekend sat morning early. i plan on leaving my house around 3am which would put me up around AI around 530am....are there any tackle shops that open early enough for us to get fresh bunker?
  16. I am coming down in a couple weeks and I am wondering if anyone can tell me a bit about surf fishing in myrtle beach. can you fish right in front of the hotels? Is anything biting right now...(or in 2 weeks,)
  17. I have a few questions about the type of rod, reel, and line weight for when you are casting a guidline out off a pier that you put live fishbait on. Is #50 line ok? I was also wondering if I shold use a heavy weight spinning reel with a 13 footrod? What weight is the anchor? I knw the anchor has four hooks on it. Where can they be purchased or is it easier to make them.
  18. I've fished the tournment in 2007, 2008 but not 2009... I was thinking about giving it another try (this time with my truck), but was wondering how many of you guys will take part. Also I dont have tons of experience in Surf Turnaments, but would like to know if you guys fish them differently than you would regular fishing. I've heard of some guys switching bait every 15 minutes.
  19. So I saw this dually camper crusing AI today and when I came off the sand there he was with a flat tire. One of the rangers was just BSing with them no word on any kind of fine or warning just talk about who has what fishing record!?! And as they where talking another truck came off and did not have a osv pass (that i Could see), was the ranger concerned... he did not appear to be. Have the rules changed can I bring a dually out? Pictures will be posted shortly
  20. Suit, Hat & Veil Combo Its about that time of year when the mutant greenies start coming out at AI.
  21. " Wath day to have the Spring Fling "
  22. Did you vote for 2010 day ?... " Wath day to have the Spring Fling "
  23. Has anyone tried or heard of any drum on the barrier islands of the eastern shore this year, usually hear about it after its already over. Same as the flounder run. Thanks. John
  24. So I’m getting married to a lovely lady this summer (6/26/10) and we are currently looking for a honeymoon place to stay! Now, I like cruises but she wants to stay on an island, so I’m like that’s cool because in the back of my mind ill be packing my fishing rod. (Not a sexual pun, I really will be bringing my rod and real!) I told her this and she gave me a little hell about it, I told her I would slip a few Advil pm’s in her drink wile shes on the beach and I would come by every 3 hours or so to flip her over so she wouldn’t burn on one side wile shes passed out. LOL! She really doesn’t mind, she knows I love to fish and she likes to do a little her self. Right now we are between Bermuda and Jamaica. Now I have read that Bermuda has good bone fishing with a fly rod, but I cant find anything really on Jamaica. The fishing I’ll be doing will be on the surf. Sadly I’m not blessed enough to go rent a charter for $1,600 for a day of fishing. So what do you guys say? Where will be my best bet for a good catch?? Also what could I expect to catch? P.S. I may let her choose the place but im still wearing the pants!! Ha Ha:icon_thumright:
  25. Captain Steven like many local guides are taking full advantage of the annual Black Drum blitz. The massive schools have been on the flats in lower Tampa Bay for 3 weeks. Saturday’s game plan was simple, depart O’Neill’s at 7 am and arrive and be hunting Drum at sunup. Good plan but not a drum insight. Next stop Tampa Bay’s eastern shoreline which was disappointing at best. A few trout were all that we could get to play. About now Captain Steven was feeling poorly making poor decisions. Hindsight is always 20 20 but the best plan would have been to attack trout on the flats like the previous days. Back to the Drum, the school was located in deeper water closer to the Skyway Bridge around noon. It was a smaller school with 20 boats all in close proximity. The school was moving quickly but those in the way found the Drum still eager to chew. This Captain could not get on top of the school. The final stopped produced many hits plus the biggest trout of the day on a live shrimp. Captain Steven Markovich Florida Fishing Charters | On The Mark Fishing Charters | Tampa Bay | Clearwater | Boca Grande