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    • Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife Fishing Report
      Updated: Dec. 22, 2016 DELAWARE BAY The recent up and down weather has made fishing, let alone catching, very difficult. When we have a temperature that swings from 70 to 20 and gale force winds not even mad dogs and Englishmen go out. The forecast is looking better, but I have no idea if there will be any rockfish left in the bay or the Rips when the boats finally get away from the dock. I have no doubt that anglers will be out there and that is the only way we can tell if the fish are available. Further up the bay I would expect to find white perch in the tidal rivers and creeks. Some may also be caught from the piers at Woodland Beach and Port Mahon. Bloodworms or earthworms will be the best baits. INSHORE OCEAN  If the weather settles down before the end of the year, there should be some good sea bass action beyond the 20-Fathom Line. The problem will be finding a captain willing to run during Christmas week. The same situation will occur if you want to catch tog. SURF FISHING Even the most radical surf caster is unlikely to go out in 20-degree temperatures and 40-knot winds. I did see a surf report from Sunday when the high was 70 degrees, unfortunately, no fish were caught. FRESHWATER  Red Mill Pond did have skim ice late last week, but it was gone on Saturday. Still, these 50 degree temperature changes are bound to confuse the bass, crappie and pickerel. If you decide to do some pond fishing I believe live bait will be your best bet. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Source: http://www.dnrec.delaware.gov/fw/fisheries/pages/fishingreport.aspx
    • My wife and I are down here and looking for a place to go surf fishing that has a parking lot close to the beach. We fished cape henlopen last year and it was a far walk. I don't have a vehicle permit so that's not an option. If anybody knows of a spot close please let me know or if anyone would be willing to give us a ride on the beach if they have a vehicle permit and let us fish with you that would be sweet. We are a young laid back couple who like to drink and fish. Any advice is good advice lol. Thanks.
    • Very nice job! Must have been quite a rush.
    • Way to go buddy!!