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  1. A lot of fun from the plastic. 42 inches.
  2. Welcome to the forum easternshoreman......

  3. I believe legal size for Roaring Point is 18" and up with no more than one fish exceeding 28". Just an FYI for anyone who wants to get out there. Maryland's Striped Bass Recreational Regulation Map 5
  4. Heck of a job Dave. There is some serious pullage going on in that second picture.
  5. One more black drum to round off my weekend on Sunday. Around 28 inches. Also caught my first striper from AI with my first cast on Sunday, however....it was bittersweet because it was only about 16 inches long. Worked my tail off all weekend for a larger one, but u have to crawl before u can run I guess. Apparently I still have a little to learn about finding a "hole". Good fishing with Dave and General. Be back at it again soon. Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  6. Hit up AI on Friday afternoon till dark (and with a little help from Dave...thanks again) 2 uglies....32 and 28 on Peeler. Lost a 3rd. Saturday - fished from noon till midnight. One hook up with a good run around 9 pm and he spit the hook. Heartbroken. Nada the rest of the night. Headed out again now till dark. Will post a report later Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  7. Nice job Whitt. Pretty fish...
  8. Hey Dave, It looks like I will be back down the later part of next week. Maybe Friday. Ill send you a message before to let you know for sure. For everyone else.....As far as a fishing report (or lack thereof), this weekend was a few skates and a whole lot of nothing else. Still better than not being there though.