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  1. Was the dude from Animal Planet really that big a douche? You should have left him out there.
  2. No, that's a striper. Hybrids are a stockier bodied fish that have more of a white perch or white bass body profile. They are much more football shaped and the lines are usually pretty faint. Stripers have a slimmer and longer body profile then a hybrid and the stripes are very dark and pronounced. I've heard that broken lines on a striper are because they have hatchery genes in their DNA. Don't know the validity of that but there sure have been quite a few hatchery fish released in the bay over the decades so I'm sure there is some gene mixing between wild and hatchery stripers.
  3. AI looks good. Surf is gin clear today and the backside is clean as well.
  4. Guess you had headed south of AI?
  5. What Dave said. Got my first drum out there last year on 9/10. Lot's of big rays still around then too. Don't forget to cut them spot if half too and toss them out.