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  1. on the imcoming tide rockfish will sit right in the white water waiting for bait,you got to get in there though so the tip on the north and south sides are the best, just watch out for the rocks. fish topwater water plugs, walk the dogs and stick baits and throw them right up near the rocks where the white water is. you can alot of times see the fish hit the lure which is awesome fishing. plenty of bigs ones out there, but mostly schoolie size but still lots of fun. Fly fishing using the same method is also great but you need a fly with some size , i like a big yellow half/half on a 1-0 hook, just cast near the rocks and let the fish nail it!
  2. rocked some blues and shad today on the fly rod at the southwest side of the rt 50 bridge(shantytown). i'm sure most of you have gotten some of this action but if not break out the ultralights those shad put up a fight!
  3. cant make any promises on that one!
  4. check out ebay for reels i got 2 penn int 975cs (casting series-no level wind) for 80 bucks each! so dont rule out nice reels! there are plenty of great deals out there! just make sure youre getting what youre paying for. also i really like my 10ft star stellar lite for a " general " use rod in the surf
  5. deceivers? surf candies? bend backs? half and halfs?
  6. this is a great question! while i have limited experience on the bridge itself some basic tips that apply to pretty much all bridge fishing are... a longer rod: while you might be able to get away with 7 ft (definitely no shorter!!) youre going to need something long that will protroud out away from the bridge so that if and when a fish runs under the bridge your line isnt rubbing against the side and getting cut up on the concrete braided line: 30-50# is a must becuase hopefully you'll be catching big fish and not only will braid provide some nice abrasion resistance you can pack alot more heavy braid than you can with its mono counterpart. tight drag: make sure you got a reel with a decent drag and lock it up! you dont want a fish to run under the bridge and you not only have to fight the fish but also the current. with all this being said someone may say i am wrong, like i said i dont fish from the bridge much, but i do fish near it and it is a bottom fishing game so make sure you really get a good feel for what is where so you dont get caught up! hopefully someone will chime in and supplement this info! Good luck!
  7. any luck on the flounder yet? i heard some rumors, they should be here with the warmer water
  8. Alright Coop! nice to hear some action is happening off the beach! I plan on going this coming friday. we about were you catching them? downtown/mid/uptown? assateague?
  9. @octrikeguy i too just started sw fly fishing ant tying my own flys. i made a thread about it... we should talk more
  10. the ocean city marlin club is having a "nautical flea market" in the beginning of may selling fishing gear,anchors, line, etc
  11. john henry's isnt bad. i have gone there alot, its right near my house, not fancy and gets the job done. and the dog is nice!
  12. fished cliff city landing in chestertown today. a few "bites" in heavy wind, high water (which at that spot they favor IMO) and lots of grass! another week or so and they'll be here come on 50 degrees!
  13. i know mark sampson does some fly fishin, he even runs the fish n' fly, his 19ft cc, when he isnt offshore, so its def doable!
  14. not too bad, def a step forward
  15. Hey guys I am tryin to get myself into some fly fishin this season mostly on the flats and thoroughfare, down by the Verazano bridge and the back bays, and maybe some light surf fishin hittin the inside trough. if anyone has any insight into fly fishin <acronym title="Ocean City"><acronym title="Ocean City"><acronym title="Ocean City"><acronym title="Ocean City">OC</acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym> or does it themselves post up and we can get a general thread going Thanks! Zach