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  1. oh make sure you go to the national seashore side for camping and for fishing, make sure you register with before you leave for your trip (recommended by the park ranger and he said no fishing license is not required).
  2. i went camping for the first time at AI last weekend. I called the ranger Thursday night regarding the camp sites and he suggest that I come early on Friday. He said if I come at night on Friday, the drive in camp sites will most likely be full. I arrived Friday night at 11 and a lot of the spots were available. This time of the year, its first come first serve but you should not have any problem getting a spot. I stayed there for 3 nights and it was $46 for camping fees and car entrance fee. I definitely recommend the drive in vs walk in, you can park next to your tent and walk a very short distance with your cooler + tackle and fish for the whole day. feel free to pm me if you have questions.
  3. Hi all, I recently joined this forum and went out to AI with a few friends to go camping and tried out surf fishing for the first time on oct 29-31 at loop 1 site 7. Caught a dogfish and a white spiny ray like fish Friday night, two undersized flounder, and a croaker (I think) Sun morning. Looking forward to learning more from this site and hopefully catch bigger fish on the next trip