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  1. This used to be a rather active forum, now it seems people only look at posts and don't reply. No offense, but it almost seems as if its time to find a more active forum. What happened here?
  2. I know its still a little early, but I have been hearing reports of people starting to get some togs. I've tried before without any luck in the past, and decided to head to the CBBT 1st and 2nd islands to see if I could find some. No luck with the tautog, plenty of sea bass, drum, and bluefish though. My main question that I am wondering about, is how close to I actually have to be to the islands to catch tautog? Obviously, the closer the better, but like within 10 feet? 20 feet? etc. Also, would fishing the pillings of the bridge be as productive as up on the islands would be? As I said before, Im a complete begginer with the togs, so any other advice/tips are welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  3. I was hoping to make a homemade light for fishing at night, one that projects onto the water such as a green floodlight. Not trying to sound cheap by wanting to make one, but currently Im a full time student and funds are tight. I was thinking of taking a clamp on light, the ones with a metal dome, and cutting the AC plug off and replacing the plug with a battery clamp on both wires so it can be attached to my extra deep cycle battery in the boat. Has anyone tried this to know if the the battery would supply enough power to run a 60 W flood light in that type of setup? If not, any other Ideas?Thanks in advance.
  4. The fall fishings looking all too good for being so early. Plenty of specks and some real nice rockfish. Caught 6 rocks last night all over 24 inches, the biggest at 31 inches. Plenty of crabs out still too, ended up dumping a bunch of pots out I had so many. I cant wait till the water cools down some more and the even bigger ones start coming in the rivers. Where have yall been having good bites at recently??
  5. For those wondering, the bigger of the drum was right at 26 so he was legal..I like to keep atleast 1 to 2 at most per year of that size, otherwise I usually let them go to continue the fishery for years to come regardless of whether theyre in the limits..The bigger speck was 3.5 lbs at 23 inches, such a nice fish for so early.. And all rockfish Ive caught this year have been of keeper size, Ive yet to see any real small ones inland.
  6. A couple months ago, I just moved out here to Chesapeake with my neighborhood on the Southern Branch and fished the Elizabeth for the first year ever and have been getting some great results. Thought Id share some pictures and was wondering if anyone else was having much luck out this way near the canals and high rise?
  7. I've got a late 80s modle mercury 9.8 hp outboard and has always run great up until a 1 year break in using it. It wouldnt start originally, cleaned the carbs and fired right up with the actual motor running great. Reverse gear, no matter what the RPM, its runs silently and smoothly while at the same time neutral at any time is quiet. Forward gear has a clanking noise which progressivly gets louder with rpm, and occassionally it will run quiet again momentarily until higher rpms where is seems to almost beging to "slip" and make these clanking noises really loud. Checked lower unit oil, none with little water so obviously the seals gone bad. I filled llower unit back up and briefly ran it to see if the sound was quieted temporarily but it was not. When dissassembling the lower unit without much knowledge of what I was doing, only thing I noticed that seemed possibly unusual was that the prop shaft did have a small bit of play on the in and out direction. Other than that the gears and all appeared to look ok. I know I need a lower unit seal, but do any of you have any ideas of what I could do to reslove the the problem so I can get back to my fishing? THanks again for any advice
  8. I've been considering driving south as well hopin for a big drum as my biggest this year so far was only 30 inches. I wasn't even trying for reds at the time, I was actually trying to catch some spot to use as bait when I landed the borderline puppy. Anyone been down to Outer banks recently and been having any luck?? Just wondering if its worth the drive down
  9. Im somewhat new to the area and was wondering if virginia beach area has much of a Bluefish run around november or so? I've fished the running blues in NC before but never have tried or heard much in VA about it.
  10. Sounds great, my lucks been getting better, but back and forth on a daily basis. On sunday, I landed 15 specks and 7 flounder, only one of which was a keeper and it was a trout at 17". But it was definately was fun catching them. Yesterday was looking good at lesner as within 3 min of being there, I hooked a speck on my bait caster, while at the same time my other rod with a double drop with fresh mullet caught a speck and a flounder at the same time. Then I fished for abouut 3 more more hours......NOTHING. It was looking so good when I caught 3 fish at one at the same time with 3 min of being there. Always a next time
  11. Nice fish, both of you mark and alex...what I'm wondering now is where is mine?? the biggest drum I've landed this year is 30", and I haven't even hooked one in the past 2 weeks. I've mostly switched up to speck fishin and rock fishin. No rocks yet but plenty of specks and undersized flounder. Any one landed any nice drum in the time that the site was down?
  12. What have yall been having better luck with in fishing for the speckles? Fresh bait, live bait, or artificial? I've been catching a fair share so far on fresh caught mullet but no good keepers this year yet. When I've got some live mullet, my leader doesn't so far hit the bottom before I have a nice hit and have materialized quite a few with the live ones. I've been fishing Lynnhaven and Rudee Inlets recently and was wondering if anyone else was having decent luck here or anywhere else in the area.
  13. As of today water temp is 64.5 degrees. Yesterday we had a real crappy westerly wind with real calm waters which definately wouldve effected the drum.
  14. Mullets have a smaller and completely different looking mouth than striper. When you see a mullet in person, you can definately tell the difference then