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  1. I'm getting back into surf fishing. I'm thinking of getting a 4x4 to drive the beach to fish. do most surf fishers walk or drive the beaches they fish. Is it worth the cash for a 4x4.
  2. I'm using 20# line and a 40#shockleader. is this heavy enough or shoul i go 25# or 30#.
  3. Thanks , very good info. I fish the VA side.
  4. I'll be fishing for red drum at assateague island VA next week. I plan on fishing for drum. I use a 10' conventionle rod and reel. After casting i set her in freespool with the cliker on, I use a fishfinder rig with this rod. Is this a good set up for red drum and whats a good bait to use.
  5. Going for a week to fish at chincoteague and assateague island VA. the week of 9/26 /10. what would fish would be running at this time of year, I'm surf fishing assateague. What bait are they using. Would the crab season still be on in VA.