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  1. Went out to AI on Sunday, managed to catch 8 Striper. Biggest being 20". First time of year, I was happy.
  2. Always taking advantage of a good situation. Fishing from my back patio
  3. On AI yesterday afternoon, managed a couple good sized blues, a couple kingfish and one tough ass little puppy drum. Enjoyed one of the last real warm days for awhile.
  4. Thats alotta Fish to handle by yourself. Well done!
  5. Welcome back! Look forward to stopping by.
  6. I went down to AI today, and as soon as I get there, there was an SUV from NJ that was stuck 15 ft on the sand. No permit, no supplies. I lent them my shovel, lent them my 2x4's, finally had to tow them out. It took about 45 mins. Finally got on the sand and had an emergency call. No fishing. Try again Thurs or Fri.
  7. Caught a ray and a croaker yesterday. There was some pretty serious wind, but was surprised when I was able to hold bottom with minimal weight
  8. Probably caught every skate in the Atlantic yesterday.
  9. Big fat goose-egg today. But the sun was warm and the beer was cold.
  10. Fished AI yesterday. No fish, but nice day. Actually got a little sun burn on my face.
  11. Kudos to that guy. He'll be eating good for awhile.
  12. I have not heard anything about <acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym>, but I read someone in Bay Head <acronym title="New Jersey">NJ</acronym> caught a 70-80 lb bluefin from the surf. I think this was early Dec.
  13. I'm from Ocean City Maryland and spend 2-3 days a week surf fishing. We're starting to big stripers in the surf now. I'm coming down to my mother in laws house in the Vero/Ft Pierce area. I've fished in the backwoods parks and off the bridges before but have never done the surf there. What's in the surf now? Where to go? What bait to use? What kind of rigs? (I generally make my own). Any advice would help. I'm excited to try some place new. I'll be down from Dec 20 - Jan 9.
  14. Fished the island yest. caught a croaker, a flounder, and a skate. Nice to actually catch something for a change.
  15. @ Assateague this morning and the sea was angry today my friends. Should have traded my poles for a surfboard. No dice on any catches.