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  1. Was Remington more confused than he normally is?
  2. Names Ian. Currently living in Knoxville TN with the hopes of moving to the Eastern Shore in the next couple years. Been fishing my whole life, mainly bass in upstate NY lakes. Spent alot of time on the eastern shore of delaware and maryland in the summers. Have surf fished for a long time, but did not have a clue until 2 years ago (still dont have much of a clue). Had some success last summer with my buddy who lives in Willards and I now spend alot of my free time figuring out how I can be more successful next time down. I mainly fish Assateague. Sharking gave me the fever, pulled in a nice dusky last summer and that just threw gas on the fire. Cant wait to get back down in june to pull in some hogs
  3. Is it true that Bucks Place is not opening this year? Hope thats not true!
  4. Well I spent last summer figuring things out. We pulled in a few decent sharks and a wide range of other fish... but honestly I wasnt targeting anything in particular. That is where my inexperience comes into play. The sharks were a great time to catch and I have a pretty good understanding of what we need to use to target them, but i'd like to get into striper and blues. My buddy and I generally talk to the guys at Bucks before we go out to Assateague to see if we are on the right track.
  5. Can you guys direct me to any resources for making my own surf rigs? I live in TN and make my way to the Eastern Shore 5-6 times a year for some fishing. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance and FYI: I have learned ALOT from reading comments on this website over the last few years. You guys are a great source of information for people who are not right on the beach. I can only fish lakes for so long until I need to get to Assateague!
  6. How busy will assateague be this week (Thurs through Sunday) due to Rocktoberfest. Making a long trip to fish AI and I want to be prepared for anything. It really doesnt matter because I will be out there no matter what... just curious.