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  1. I never leave the dock to go offshore without checking the data bouys.NOAA bouys tell the wind and wave conditions.Also air and water temperatures.Most important is wave hight and wind speed for you and your family safety.Click on this link and save to your favorites.Bouy #4409 is the one I check for Off O.C. and Delaware...I also recomend RADAR on a offshore boat,as you can lose visability quickly without warning,and there is ship traffic.Of course GPS is a must have also....NDBC - Station 44009 Let me know if you have any more questions.....

  2. Finally got down last week to try out the summer fishing. Didn't even go out to AI, I decided i need some help before i go out for shark again. Fished OC and did great on flounder. No Keepers but lots of action, Released between 25 and 30 flounder in 2 days of fishing. Went out on the best headboat trip i've ever had out of OC. Caught 25 keeper seabass and realeased lots more. Saw 1 big tog caught and some small mahi. Coming down from the 4th to the 12th to give one last flounder go, might hit the beach some then.
  3. Have any of you guys on here ever camped at any of the walk on sites behind the OSV area? Assateague is so difficult to get sites in at time, i was thinking of reserving one of those sites in the upcoming weeks. If i were to stay out there, i woudl probably be able to get maximum fishing time in. Do you guys know about the rules for staying on those sites?
  4. has anybody seen many bluefish this year at ai? they are normally here righ now right ?i'm down here with my wife and i'd like to see her catch something. the water seemed very cold today
  5. I like that setup, I was using 3 feet of wire until Sam said that seemed a little long, a 10th foot rig takes somethingspecial to cast.
  6. If you go over to sunset provisions in oc they sell a haywire twist tool which makes this much easier
  7. Crazy! , Dave, was that yakkin out or casting?, just wondering because if that's casting, i won't bother bring the kayak down with me this coming week. The kayak is quite a pain bringing from PA!!!!
  8. Checked that out, the "real" going price is still over what the whole combo costs. Alright, well i just wanted to hear from someone who owns one, guess not too many do! Thanks anyway!
  9. Yeah, i am definatly putting more concentration into not making a mess! The reason i asked about the shimano, there is a site offering the shimano combo for $150, with a regular price of $370, but i don't want to bother if it wouldn't make a good casting combo or at least a good shark setup, the reel has a capacity of 300 yds, 20lb mono. Sounds like a good thing, but wanted some input from someone with experience.
  10. One more ?, are you able to cast with the Shimano Tyrnos TYR12, i think i found a heck of a deal on a shimano combo, hundreds of dollars off regular price, and i AM going to buy it if casting is possible. Thanks
  11. Hey guys, new to the site, semi-new to surf fishing! I mainly fish AI and wanted some input on my current rod/reel setups, conventionally i currently have: Diawa SL30 Penn 525mag Penn 12' stick (forget the model) Diawa 10' Emcast plus How would you guys match these up, diawa with diawa or would you mix them. Also, my casting distance on these conventionals is certainly not what it should be, what would you recommend as the best casting method for these as a beginner? I've watched many videos, i've tried different methods, I have a huge fear of the birds nest, What should i do?????? Thanks in advance!
  12. Anyone else out on the OSV over the weekend, It was nearly impossible to find a spot that was not right in front of everyone, drove the beach quite a few times. What do you do in that situation, fish a bad spot, or setup in front of people lounging?