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  1. Went fishing Saturday at lewes. Caught 3 small sharks, biggest being about 2 foot. I was just using squid. The only thing I saw anyone else catch up and down the beach was one small ray.
  2. Went last weekend (17th) and didn't catch anything. People nearby where catching some small rays though, and I saw one small shark. I was fishing at lewes. Hopefully I have better luck next weekend.
  3. I am looking to spend around $50-$70 for a new rod for my daiwa AG9000B reel. I do most of my fishing off the delaware beaches. Any suggestions? Also I can't find the specs for my reel anywhere, I bought it used when I decided to try out surf fishing, and it has been a great reel, I just would like to know how big of line I can put on. It came with 30lb on it, and that is what I replaced it with. Thanks for any help.