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  1. Thanks Guys, I appreciate the help. What a great article. Good to have the direction. Now I don't feel like it is such a crapshoot. My buddy said it best, "looks like we've been wasting a lot of bait." Thanks again, I'll be sure to post with some good catches. Appreciate it!
  2. Hey All, Trying to get my bearings on how it's all done. I totally appreciate all the help on here. I love it. Grew up in Ca and am loving the fishing in <acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym>. Last few times I've been out I've been skunked. Are there spots, or holes which are better fishing? Now I totally get not divulging fishing spots, but just wondering what conditions/characteristics I should be looking for. Better fishing the more south I go? Also, distance-wise, I have always tried to cast it out as far as I can, but noticed a few people on Saturday fishing a little shallower. Should I try to be going past the break/sandbar? I get these are all newbie questions, just looking for a little help. Thanks all, I really appreciate it!
  3. I'm relatively new to shore fishing. I'm absolutely loving it. On reading all the messages, it looks like rays are being caught on a regular basis. I'd love to pull a ray in. What bait are y'all using?