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  1. A lot of good info shared in this thread. Thanks a lot. Could you guys give some info on what type of de-hooking tools/technique you use? That seems like it'd fall well under the theme of this thread. Thanks again.
  2. Just ordered Sampson's book on Amazon. Looking forward to some good reading. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Thanks for the info, guys. Is there a weather website that you guys prefer that gives wind direction forecasts and water temp for the AI area? I'm in Arlington, VA, and I've been checking weather.com but it's not giving me all info I'd like. Any suggestions?
  4. Sam et al, sorry for the delayed response, I've been in Idaho slaying the trout for the last week. Thanks a lot for the input. It sounds like we're using the same rig. I'll keep a better eye on the water temp. I should be going out again this next week. I'll keep you posted on any success.
  5. Hey guys, thanks a lot for the info on this forum. I'm buddies with mwheatley, who posted here before our last trip two weeks ago. The info you guys have shared with us has proved to be a big help. Our first trip was a big success. Our first time out we caught two nice sharks, the largest being a 6 1/2 foot sand tiger. We went out again to <acronym title="Assateague Island"><acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym></acronym> this last weekend Friday night/Saturday morning, a few miles down from our spot two weeks ago. This time we got skunked (except for a tiny 18 incher). If you don't mind, I've got a few questions. When we went two weeks ago there was no moon and the beach was full of sand fleas and crabs. They were everywhere. I can't help but think fish had come in to feed on these critters, and other fish came in to feed on those fish, etc., and sharks were more active. This time, it was nearly a full moon so there was plenty of light and no crabs/sand fleas. Plus there were no bigger sharks caught. (The moon did set about 4:00 am, and the crabs did come out then, and that's when we caught our small 18 incher.) So my first question is, have you guys seen any correlation between lunar cycles and shark catches (i.e., it's better with no moon, worse at full moon)? Or are other factors more significant, i.e. wind direction and water temp, more significant than the lunar cycle. (Last time we went (July 16/17), I didn't record the air or water temp, but there was a definite east wind, and the air seemed a bit cooler. This time, the wind was from the south-southwest, and it seemed generally warmer.) Second question is we're halving our bunker, casting out 1/2 pieces (5-6 inch head and tail). We did the same last time and caught some nice sharks with it. But if we were to cut the bunker into thirds, we could cast it further out. So there's trade offs with small bait (less blood trail, harder for sharks to find) cast out further or larger bait (more blood trail, easier to find) cast out not nearly as far. Are you guys halving your bunker or are you cutting it into smaller pieces and getting it further? What do you think yields more hits? Thanks in advance for the info. You guys have been a big help.