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  1. Hi, saw your post about Centennial Lake. I live down in Silverspring, and I hit this lake yesterday. Caught 2 tiny bass but thats it. Did you catch your crappie from the shore or a boat? I have never caught a crappie in my life. Ive tred but I dont own a boat and maybe Im not doing it right. I see you posted this back in April, did you hit them when they were spawning by the shore? I always seem to miss the spring spawning season for fishing and come in late lol. I think I will go back to this late today later, since I read online that it was stocked with trout back in April. Maybe throw out some Powerbait for the trout and lures and see what I catch. I'd rent a kayak there but its $9.00 an hour. Thats more than Lake Needwood.