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  1. Someone I work with asked what I thought this fish might be and we all came up with something different. I want to say croaker. Can anyone help? The spots are confusing us.
  2. Fished today from 8:00am till noon and what a great day for fishing!! Got a 24" shorty and a 34". Might try again later in evening then again in the morning. All I can say its about $%#$*%$ time. Maybe they are starting to show if I caught one!?!?
  3. Sirius faction,the 80s or on sundays to my dolphins lose on sirius
  4. I am in and ready for some football
  5. I will be there and trying to get wife to go. Also maybe nephew.
  6. Yaked out some bait tonight, it was a little choppy at the shore. Had a good run and hooked up. fought for about 20 min. and could not make any line up. i had a fray in my line and remembered when i got back in I didnt retie it. What a dumb mistake. Saw what look like about a 4 footer swim under yak on way back in. Will be out Friday or Saturday with everything retied.
  7. yaked out some bait got 1 shark 3 foot or so. Go figure first time I forgot camera. Last monday had 2 good runs but missed the hook up.
  8. Got a report from my brother he is tearing up blues in the inlet from his boat.
  9. I hear this happens at the south part during the summer.?????
  10. Fished today from 6pm to 9pm 1 blue 32" 9# on bunker. Caught the blue 1/2 hour after the storm it calmed down ans was pretty nice out after. I am having trouble to get picture uploaded, if anyone can help that would be great (picture is more than 800x800)
  11. Went out today 5-8 pm caught blues 17-25inch and finaly my first rock from the beach 18 1/2 inch. Held with 6s no grass at all.
  12. Happy Easter to all:bunny: