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  1. Had an interesting afternoon chucking 8nbait. Thanks guys.Need to scout the beach with my truck, but it was packed today.
  2. Well, I will be taking a 12'-3" rod and a 10 footer down there to toss some bait. The longer rod is a custom heaver and the shorter rod is just to cast 5nbait. Hopefully, I am able to hit the outer bar, but in all likelihood I am in no condition to do any distance casting. It's has been awhile since I casted a conventional. Anyway I'm bringing down a few plugging rods as I am more comfortable tossing artificals. I will be taking off this Sunday. Thanks for the info guys.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I am doing one charter trip and the rest of time hanging around the piers and surf. I never fished live bait before with the exception eels. Do you mean eels?
  4. Any of you guys have any suggestion what I need to fish the Outer Banks from shore. I learn much from a fella about the piers around Corolla. With the same fishing setups up here in Noreast be good for down there?
  5. Nice schoolie
  6. I am going to give it a rip Sam.
  7. I have friend that has both the Legend and Mojo . . . they love it with those concept guides.
  8. I am a Lamiglas and Abu guy myself if I am doing bait, which is infrequent. My favarite setup is the Lami GSB 1502 cut for a heaver matched with the legendary Abu 7500C3CT reel. The other rod I like is the Breakaway HDX with another 7500C3CT reel. Personally these rods load well when I do the pendulum. My favorite of them for plugging is the Lami GSB1321M and a VS200 . . . great for working jetties and getting distance. The only reason why I like Penn is they have a lot of cranking power, but I don't know if they have enough line capacity. I clean my rods, reels, and even the underside of my truck with an insect sprayer tank. Now I changed the nozzle so the spray is direct, which gets the salt out fast. I don't have to fetch the hose and nozzle out that is not near my driveway . . .so is good for me.
  9. That is terrible you live so far away from the salt. I know what you mean about fresh water . . . a lot ivy or if not a poisonous snakes. Definitely true you need to put in the time and have a log book that will benefit you in the end.
  10. So far the season has been late, but I think that I've caught over a dozen. Looking forward to getting out this weekend and next week. Where are you fishing? I am from NY and basically doing the western sound thing, but May to the first week in July should be good for stripers here along the south shore.
  11. I have heard from many friends of the good fishning down in NJ. It is great to hear that black drum is being caught.
  12. I never realized that undesirable life could be transported, but what is the difference I have korkers on my boots. A lot of the guys strap on their korkers on the waders or boots forever.
  13. Thanks Sam
  14. Ouch that must have been painful.
  15. I am anxious this year to hit the surf for my last time at some rocky shores from Rhody to Montauk. Age has gotten the better of me, but I am content. Definitely looking to go out this year to fish hard with bait and plugging. Hope all you guys and gals have a good fishing year.