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  1. Any reports for A.I? Heading down Sunday for a few days. Havnt been on the site in awhile. Lifes been too busy. Finally time for some relaxing.
  2. My last day on A.I and I caught 2 spot 2 puffers a flounder and about 6 kings. Peeler seemed to work best for me.
  3. Fished A.I. since Wednesday and we caught 5 kingfish and a croaker. Used peeler for the kings and squid hooked up the croaker.
  4. OK cool, Thanks!!
  5. Anyone know if the ORV section of the beach is still closed due to the world war 2 ordinance washing up on the beach? What a way to start a vacation!
  6. Are there any fish that wouldnt be legal to cut up as bait that can be caught on A.I.?
  7. Where are they located?
  8. Will be fishing A.I. in a few weeks. Where is the best place to get fresh bait not "frozen fresh". Seems like every year another bait shop closes there doors for good. Stayin in West O.C. Thanks!
  9. We fished all last week on AI with 2 nice hits but couldn't land either one. We did manage to land a small blue fish. Still better than being at work anytime! My oldest son caught a ray near the rt 50 bridge and my youngest managed to snag a 35" tuna already fileted. That was the strangest hookup Ive ever seen. I guess the charter boats dump them back in the water after fileting for the customers. Good luck!
  10. I have always bought a license for A.I., I just assumed it was required. As far as buying a license, try this link. Good luck! https://compass.dnr.maryland.gov/dnrcompassportal
  11. I have learned that trying to get on the beach on the 4th of July is almost impossible unless you like watching the sun come up. I wont make that trip again, too crowded for me!
  12. I havnt been down in a while so Im assuming the hurricane didnt wash the island away. Is the ORV section still open?
  13. Has anybody had any action on the island itself this week?
  14. It was pretty cool to watch. I just wish I wouldve have known ahead of time to see more of it!