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  1. Yeah a bit breezy out ain't it. Wind should lay down Wednesday, Thursday. Enjoy and report back. Thanks for the heads up!!!
  2. I was tossing some plugs in the ocean and managed to catch one. This striped took a loaded redfin plug on the out going and 10 minutes later she came in. She took 3 long runs and had about 100yds of line out. What a blast to finally have her roll up into the surf with a nice wave. She measured 43" and about 30lbs. Third time out was a charm! Good luck and tight lines......
  3. Great work JSB, the oysters look good! A Big WTG to you sir!!!
  4. I fish from the bank also. The trout magnets we fish suspended under a bobber at a set depth with a bobber stop. When it warms up a bit we will tie on two magnets one about a foot above the other and cast these with a slow retrieve. It's a quick way to find the fish and at what depth they are. May the fish gods smile upon you! Good luck and tight lines my friend........
  5. It's Spring time people, wake UP!!!! Smell the salt............... where ya all at? I can't hear you!
  6. Great pictures Brian, keep them coming! Water temps are getting there..........
  7. When will the stripers start to appear? My father and I would like to make the trip from Delaware to fish the big Ditch! Any help would be much appreciated.Thanx
  8. Great pictures Brian!...........
  9. Fish bite was on. Went out several days last week with a friend to try our luck and BAM fish on. The bass were take on a 3/8oz jig with a small trailer fished real slow and the crappies were caught on minnows and trout magnets! First fish fry of the season.
  10. Good job, great fish! Cool video........
  11. Sorry I haven't posted for a bit but i've been hanging around in the tree tops. I caught a nice one on 11/1 at 5:40pm using a travel corridor between properties. I'll be back with the poles in awhile but I still have a few tags to fill. What do ya think? Happy Thanks Giving to all and stay well! Tight lines.....
  12. Looks like a great time had by all. Now you have a fishing partner for life! Great pictures..........
  13. That baddboy is all lit up! No pun intended.......nice catch!
  14. It's Tuna time, yes it is! Neat video!!!!