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  1. Whats the best bait of choice for rock's at this time? Thinking of hitting AI for the 1st time this year this weekend.
  2. Hi all, Was down Tue and Wed. Floated the bay (throughofair and behind the airport) and inlet both days. Tue was Nice, 1 rock fish and 1 flounder, both keeper size. and a few undersize flounder. got boarded by our USCG Friends and passed the saftey check, so that was a plus. Today, Wed, we went out again and it was cold and very windy, we did not say out too long, the later in the day it got, the more windy, so we come in early. Nice work on all your catches Hope to fish with you all soon.
  3. I am headed down 4/27 - 4/28 for from drifting behind OC and AI.. anyone else catching anything there?
  4. Hi,

    If you like company when fishing, im your man. I try to get out any chance I can, and I am always looking for someone to go with.

  5. Yes.. it cost a fortune to do things you enjoy it seems.. Try keeping a saltwater reef tank.. talk about expensive. but what i can i say, i love it as much as fishing. Never made it to AI, powerwahed the house and nursed a hangover instead. Looking foward to meeting some of you and doing some fishing this season.. Took care of my slip at pines point today, so i am ready to roll.
  6. I am writing this while sitting at the applebees bar at the foot of the route 50 bridge. Hit the inlet today. Used finger mullet and a slip bobbet set to 10 foot or so. Beach was packed and there was a good number of fisherman at the inlet. Think I got a little sun burn. PERFECT cure to a little spring feaver.. As far as the coors goes.. Hit the applebees as soon as the 6 pack was gone. No fish anywhere to be seen but it was a much needed day off work. Looking foward to launching the boat in 2 weeks and floating the inlet and back bays. Thanks for all the suggestions. Ill see if I can get some bloods or clam for tomorrowmm ai day. Rich Btw I al always looking for company on the boat once launched!
  7. Hi all, long time lurker 1st time poster. I will be down in the <ACRONYM title="Ocean City">OC</ACRONYM> Area Fri AM though Sat PM. My boat is not in the marina yet (Bay Deck Boat) so I will be doing some fishing from shore. Was thinking of thowing a line off the inlet or maybe even heading over to <ACRONYM title="Assateague Island">AI</ACRONYM> ranger station and doing some surf fishing at dusk into the evening. Any suggestions on what to use and what I might catch.. Dont really care too much, I just need to feed the spring fever and get a line wet in this awesome weather we are having. Looking forward to launching the boat and hitting the start of flounder end of April.