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  1. Wow, that's terrible.
  2. I've seen that before. You're supposed to freeze the bait in these molds so that it makes a plug that fits in the barrel and then it can be fired. The bait thaws and then I guess you're in business. Some of those claim to be able to launch up to 400 yards.
  3. Beautiful fish!
  4. Sure looks like fun, though!
  5. Do you hook them through the dorsal, through the jaws or to tie 'em on?
  6. Thanks guys. I guess I'll do my best to rig a few up this week and hope for the best! I'm leaving Frederick Saturday morning and looking to fish thru that night.
  7. I'm still very much the inept rookie surf angler (I'm awesome at chilling on a beach, though) and I'm basically trying to learn as I go. Can you buy fish finder rigs at the fishing supply shops? I'm planning my first trip of the season to AI this weekend. A nice rockfish would be great but I'd be happy to catch anything willing to put up a bit of a fight for me!
  8. I HAD to go back and find this thread because something similar happened to me last weekend. I got a really nice hit around dawn last Sunday. I set the hook and the drag started buzzing away as the thing started to run. I reeled it in a bit, it ran a bit and this repeated for about 15 minutes. Then, somehow, I got hung up! I let it go slack, worked it up and down the beach trying to unsnag it to no avail. After another 20 minutes, I ended up breaking the line. SO DISSAPOINTING! My only bite in the 3 hours or so I had to fish (before meeting back with the wife and baby for breakfast). Jeez, I need to get back out there. Anywho, I had to share. Happy fishing! Hondo
  9. Hey guys and gals, I’m trying to get prepared for my first real season of fishing at <acronym title="Assateague Island"><acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym></acronym> (I went out one day at the end of last Summer but I got skunked). I'm from Arizona and I'm very new to fishing from the surf but I am extremely excited for it! However, I was reading another thread, heard someone talking about something called a shock leader and realized, I really need to be schooled in the right equipment/techniques or I am bound for broken lines, equipment and lost fish! So I'm trying to put together a list of all the gear I need to get started. Help would be greatly appreciated! All the best! Hondo
  10. I just became a member of Atlantic Anglers today and had to chime in. I think my wife is starting to get tired of me talking about how I can't wait for fishing weather! Tried surf fishing for the first time last Summer. Didn't catch a darn thing but I am seriously ready to give it as many more shots as I can once it warms up again!