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  1. My rig. The truck! As for my surf rods no up close pics but 3 Okuma rods outfitted with Penn reels.
  2. Fng

    Well, hello all! Just wanted too introduce myself and say great forum, seems to be a lot of good info here? Anyway, some what new too the surf fishing gig but not new to fishing at all. I fish about 4 days a week in the Potomac and tributaries for large mouth, make a trip up too Quebec once a year for trout, and pike and also do a lil trip out west once a year for some fly fishing. Well, back on topic I have just in the past 6 years started surf fishing, and I must say I have the bug. I will be heading down too Assateague Island this w/e in the rain even though the water temp is still low, and not much chance on getting anything? I hope to soak up a lot of info here as it seems there is some experienced surf fisherman, and hope too see some of you out on the sand! Oh by the way even though not a monster, this was the fish that started my surf addiction!
  3. Well, since I have an urge too get out on the sand looks like I will make the trek! Who cares if its gonna rain and be crappy.
  4. Well, I know the water temp in the surf is around 39/40, but was thinking I would make a trip out on AI this w/e. Anything going on in the surf yet at all or is this just a waste?