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  1. Someone got to be first. Winter been long and cold been stuck inside to many days, just need to do somthing. Looking at ai weather for next snow
  2. Need to get out, was going to go down this week but having truck trouble mybe next week
  3. Left mesage dont know if did it right
  4. Stripper wars dont understand, one chatch and release photo braging rights turny

  5. And then sum, feel like somkind of withdraw
  6. This year is going to be hard to beat for me. Finally cought a striper in the surf after many years of trying. Realy got to zero in on flounder in the surf. I didnt know anything about reddrum but i got to fish the toutny. The people i meet were amazing . The best fishing year i will ever have, but you never know
  7. Bunch of rock 2 pups buch of flounder bets beats catfish my votes for dave
  8. Fished ai fri sat got skunked
  9. Sweet get one more trip in
  10. Yes i got pics thanks
  11. Is there any word, rumors on ai reopening was hoping for one more run if not any ideals on alternatives
  12. It was a beast and i preaty sure it was 51
  13. Sweet ill send the email but mine is

  14. Like to get pics of fish dont know the best way but i really like to have them, thanks