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  1. went blue fin fishing last night came home late no score but another boat 4 over from mine had a nice one he had the truck waiting for the fish when we came in he made the glorious ride to the crane me to my dock oh well thats fishing . heres the report from maine blues , stripers and tuna this time of year is awsome if you can take the cold your sure to hook up with some nice fish if you go
  2. i have a 22 ft sisu and we are offshore every weekend chasing the big guys we never get anything small up here in maine big fish lots of big bluefins and sharks i would love to spin rod a small tuna never get the chance here as long as the boat is set up right and you know how to read a compass offshore is no big deal BLUEFINNUT
  3. whittlinden where are you fishing out of what type of tuna are those i have never seen one like that i have had no luck this year snapped off on a grander other than that sharks lots of sharks big boys too

  4. Welcome to the forum Bluefinnut.......

  5. nice and here in maine the same tuna and stripers blues went tuna fishing last weekend alone none of my sorry ass friends could get up at 3:30 am so i went alone tuna jumping ,whales and i hook up for an hour with a 14 foot shark bummer got it all on the go pro love that toy
  6. weekend was awsome out early 4:00 am no one to go with went by myself blue fin fishing was awsome jumpers everywhere and whales good morning thought i would hook up i did alright but not what i wanted another dam shark got the fight on the go pro awsome shark half the length of my boat leadered and released by one tiered bluefin nut took 1 hour to get him up

  7. well really the reports are nice but we all know fishing is a art. to learn the weather, the sea ,the patterns of change that happens by a passing storm or a sunny day. day to day week to week month to month and year to year things change , the bait , the temps, myself i go out in the dark and come home the same i learn the patterns this way and record them all tides , weather , moon , temps , bait , and anything i might find useful for the next trip and we do well to teach some one how is like giving them your brain its a sense a feeling ...................Bluefinnut even when i can't get anyone to go and i know its going to happen on that day i go alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. dude you headed to fla for some red fishing and snook

  9. here in the north the snow is just leaving and we are in the process of getting the boats back in the water . bait and stripers will soon be here our season doesn't really start till mid may and i can't wait !!!!! so in the mean time if i can get the boats in before that it will be cod and haddock for sure the tuna time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep me in the loop on the action Bluefinnut
  10. hey Ian boats ready for the trailer need help putting it back on it and we will soon be flounder fishing then ill need help with the beast bottom paint put electronics back in give me a ring fishing season is soon apoun us

  11. nice working on a trailerable boat so i can do the same being stuck on land is not a good thing i just got back from venice fla fishing in the rivers slow not much going on tilapia and that was it guess they had a big fish kill this year in the rivers due to the cold want to catch that big red maybe next year
  12. whittlinden.........................nice im headed to fla myself for some red fishing hope to have some decent weather . you trailer your boat all over ??
  13. who here fishes any state when they get the chance ? myself would love to catch a mahi-mahi or a yellow fin
  14. 4 phases of a fisherman:

    phase 1: how am i gunna catch'm

    Phase 2: I'm gunna catch my limit

    Phase 3: i'm gunna catch them BIG

    phase 4: im gunna catch them, the way I want to catch them.

    What are we?