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  1. I recently moved down to GA and like to surf fish when I can. I'd like to try and surf fish down here on weekends, but don't really know of any surf fishing spots, towns, or the regulations. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  2. last time i was there was early March. apparently the water was in the mid 50s, and has risen about 10 degrees since then.
  3. i've traveled to charleston for the past couple of years and have found a great bait/tackle shop. Haddrell's Point is the shop I was taken to by a local Mt. Pleasant friend and they were great. The guys in there are very helpful, even to tourists, and can guide you on baits and rigs. As for baits, Haddrell's has fresh bait of all types that works in the area. From my experience fishing the Low Country, Sullivan's Island is much better than Isle of Palms. Sullivan's has much better structure and is closer to the channel. Plus only locals head there so you won't have to worry about a crowd around you. To get there from Isle of Palms, just head south on Palm BLVD and cross over the Sullivan Island Inlet, from there I'd head down towards Fort Moultrie. But really any place from the inlet on is a great spot. I fished between Station 23 and 26 1/2 streets and there was great structure out there. I was there too early in the season and was too eager to wet a line so I didn't catch anything. Good luck out there, Charleston is a great southern town. Below is the link for Haddrell's. Haddrell's Point - Shimano, Penn, G. Loomis, Star Rods, Fishing Tackle, Rods, Reels, Lure, Line, Clothing and Gifts
  4. great choice on the ridgeline, i've had mine for over a year now with last summer being the first chance to take it out on the sand. from my experience it has driven better than most other comparable trucks, either larger or with lifts and tires, and i have yet to get it stuck. hope you enjoy it.
  5. I've also recently begun to get into surf fishing, with a pretty cheap spinning reel and rod but I'd like to branch out and try to get some better equipment. What would be a good conventional reel/rod that is reasonably priced and good to learn on?
  6. I'm going to be down in the Charleston area during the March timeframe this year and would like to go deep sea fishing with a few friends. Does anyone know any good boats heading out during that time? Also hows the surf fishing then? Thanks.