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  1. Thanks!! If you could only see, the bobber is connected to my daughters Princess pole. We took a couple of casts with that too. She was trying to help!! If it works I'll take it
  2. OCSNAPPER: This is great thanks for posting for us new guys!
  3. Dave: It did... Thank you!
  4. It usually stays on during the cast... maybe it was bit off but I usually don't see any action on the line.
  5. Today was my day... 27lbs , 40" from <acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym>. Bunker and Fishbite blood worm. Thanks for the tips the other day; they seem to have worked!!
  6. I was at AI from 9:30 - 2:00 PM today... great day but only a skate to show for my efforts. At least I pulled in something other than bait! I fished bunker and finger mullet. I never have much luck keeping bunker on the hook. How does every setup for bunker? I'll be back Saturday.
  7. I hit AI this afternoon. The family could only stand the sand blasting for about an hour. I used bunker with no luck... tomorrow I'm shooting for an AM run.
  8. Getting excited... there seems to be a couple of people having success on the beach. I plan on hitting the beach for the next couple of days. I've never hooked into a drum... what kind of set-up is good for these guys? I'd prefer a Striper but I'll take anything at this point!!
  9. I know it's outside the report window but I caught a 26" Striper on 12/31/09 on Assateague with Mullet. N 38 12.351' W 075 09.160'