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  1. Has anyone down there got to put an "eye-ball" on any of the beaches there in Delaware? or is there any left at all???? Hulk
  2. There is a lot of information contained in this site. Check it out, go back to the forums. Good Luck, Hulk
  3. How far is it from Maloneys marina (long neck road) (masseys) to the IRI Bridge by water. I'm thinking about coming by my sailboat thie year instead of the RV. Hulk (Bill).
  4. Does anybody reccommend one of the INTERNET SCHOOLS over the other. Has anyone got their license lately? Thanks, Hulk(Bill)
  5. I was if he is talking about a Cow nosed ray?
  6. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone is familiar enough with the Marinas in the area to reccomend some to me. I have a sailboat but only need about 4 ft on the lowest water. I wanted to stay on that this year instead of the RV. I guess either off the Delaware Bay or the IRI area. Even better a nice quiet, well protected cove. Thanks Guys. Hulk (Bill)
  7. Thanks Dan, I guess everyone calls stuff different in different areas. What kind of lures have you been using there? or are you actually using a FLY (Streamer probably). Hulk
  8. That happened to me when my f 250 was brand new. I lucked out though, it was just a vacuum line that broke at the hub. So I could still turn the hubs on manually. Hulk
  9. BTW, what's happening in the Suds in Delaware? I'm getting a late start, My sailboat been waiting for a part and it's been wasting all my time, See you guys soon!! Bill (Hulk)
  10. That 's the same fish that blows up and looks like spikes all over him ,ight?
  11. Do you what I'm talking about as far the way he would clean them? I don't think I've ever caught on in the Surf Bill
  12. YUM!! making my mouth water!! Hulk
  13. Hi Morty, Isn't Blowfish what some used to call "chicken of the sea". I vaguely remember my Dad would make a cut and "Pop" out the meat somehow. Have I got the right species? Bill (Hulk)