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  1. Found fresh bunker at OI. Fished various tides, various times Friday and Saturday. Sometimes light wind, some sun, some fog, mixed bag, but very fishy each day. Not many birds working anywhere. Two rods, head and filet, and not one bump all weekend. Its hit or miss this time of year, and hopefully I will be rewarded in the future for time spent this past weekend...
  2. Was on business, but had to get rods wet. Very good fresh mullet and bunker at the Red Drum near Cape Point. The water was a bit too cold (think around 55) but guy at Red Drum said water was a couple degrees warmer at Ocracroke and puppy drum were hittng. He suggested to go to Frisco and try(Ocracoke just too far) but I had to head North. I got some mullet, headed back to Nags Head around Walebone. Soaked it for an hour in a nice deep pocket. Not even a nibble. Should have used squid for regular bottom feeders.
  3. Thought it was only going to be a Turkey weekend with family after I could get no fresh alwife/bunker on way down. But found fresh bait at H'em&C'em N-IRI. Hit Bethany 11/28 at around 9:00am. Stiff W wind, but made for a flat surf. I couldnt keep two rods in the water. Mix of spiny dogs and big blues. The sharks got really annoying, as most got throat hooked even with 6-7o circles. I was using 50lb fc leader, and between blue bight-offs and sharks, must have gone through a whole packs of gams. Within 2 hrs, ran out of bait, tide just started coming in, landed last blue, and had to leave. No stripers today. I stayed with circles and no floats so only landed 3 blues, many fights, most bight offs, and had to change leader/hooks several times. Non-stop all morning, and my arms ache a little. All thrown back. Goog luck to all you locals who can fish the this week...wish i could.
  4. Fished Friday 10am-4, end of high to outgoing. Found a nice deep pocket. Winds NNW 10-15 Fresh alewife. Friend got 3 stripers while I cleaned out all the spiny dogs and skates. One keeper 36"er, rest in the 20s. Fillet worked best, heads not touched. Fished Saturday 9am-1. Some incoming to high then outgoing. Winds nnw calm then building to steady cold N. Each got a stiper in the mid 20s, no keepers. Got another big spiny dog, and a 19" flounder, all TB. Total 5 stripers, 1 flounder, sharks and skates. No blues, go figure. ps: I was a member of another site which seems to have fizzled out. I searched several similar MD/DE surf fishing discussion group sites, and found this one to have the most recent reports etc. I registered and will gladly post my reports here.