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  1. Stopped & met Bev @ Harbor Tackle Friday morning on our way to the beach, really good experience...good bait...good tackle...good advice...what's not to like! We hit AI @ 2pm & fished til dark....a couple of skates. Got fresh herring on Sat at Bucks & returned to the beach @ 2 hrs. before high tide & fished with 8 lines in the water until 11 pm. We tried everything...a couple of skates. :censored: The weather was fabulous...the fish... nowhere to be found. Oh well, we'll be back on the return run in the fall. Until then, its the rivers & the Jersey surf & hopefully that 57 pounder won't pass up my line next time! :mrgreen:
  2. OC Snapper...stop by if you can...give me a call around 1:00 tomorrow if you're in the area and we'll set some thing up. Dave
  3. Me and a few buds will be in the ORV tomorrow around 2 through 8, Saturday about same & Sunday 10-2 before heading back to PA Sunday afternoon. I'd like a chance to meet some of the good folk from DF.com. Friday morning we'll be rolling past Harbor tackle to bait & gear up, then setting - up the trailer bayside on AI...then TO THE BEACH! My cell is 610.656.1570, if your out there and want to find us or stop by for a beer, give me a call...
  4. Thanks for the quick info guys...both of these sites give you the same options; where, date, how many days, etc...very nice. It looks like the beach immediately on arrival on Friday for the comin' from I guess about 2:00 on...if anyone is going to be out they are certainly welcome to stop by and join us for a cocktail and to wet their lines if they like. Myself & three buds will be trying to find 'em in the ORV area...
  5. Coop...I'll be in Assateaque for the weekend and am trying to locate a downloadable tide chart...any help? Also, when I do get said chart is the tide for the inlet or mid-island (7 mile marker) or state line or where? If you know.
  6. Absolutely need the beer OC [smiley smilie=5 fontcolor=000000 shadowcolor=000000 shieldshadow=1]Beer repels bugs[/smiley]
  7. The beach with a stong ocean breeze works. Other than that 100% deet, toxic as hell but works everytime. Oh, and a good screen house at your site. But, you've got no bug worries this time of year mugs...just bring a good mix of clothes. It could be cold sideways NE rain or calm sunny and 80 degrees...expect the best, be prepared for the worst.
  8. Bench topper in front of the wheel! :up:
  9. [smiley smilie=2 fontcolor=000000 shadowcolor=000000 shieldshadow=1]Live Well ?[/smiley]
  10. The smile on that boy Brian's face is what fishing is all about....yeah, baby, YEAH !
  11. :kewl: Saweeet!!! Fish...what I'd like to know is if anyone's catching stripers like that in the surf at AI? I'm chopin' at the bit to get to the island the weekend of the 5th through the 7th...just 2 weeks away! Yay.
  12. Thanks! This is a nice site. I'm from the Philly suburbs & like to fish for stripers in the DelMarVa area. Have been to the Delaware river a couple of times and landed a few smallies (18-20" range). Making a camping trip to AI in 2 weeks for a weekend of surf fishing with a few buddies. Hoping something bigger is waiting in the surf for me!