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  1. Hey Peoples! I wanted to share some of my fishing outings that I film and produce for the internet. If you like please subscribe and give me a "thumbs up". If you have comments, questions, suggestions, anything, let me know. I put a link below that will get you to a video shot on the bay trolling with a tube and worm (watch in HD). From there you can find my other videos. [video=youtube;i_GN2ZJv6J0] Regards, Joel
  2. I like the set-up. I thought I had it good with the hobie! Jealous....
  3. Cool pictures! It's hard to see and think of how many of those menhaden they're harvesting and what it's doing to the ecosystem. To have seen this place 400 years ago when people like John Smith were setting they're eyes on this beautiful land. I probably wouldn't be here writing this, and we'll never voluntarily go back, but what if we all just used only what we needed to survive? “Rockfish were hunted on the Eastern Shore on horseback with spears. The large fish coming to feed on the creek shores, overflowed by the tide, showed themselves in the shallow water by a ripple before them. They were ridden on behind and forced into water too shallow for them to swim well, and were speared …” Col. T. J. Randolph of Edgehill, VA, 1875 … When they spawn, all streams and waters are completely filled with them, and one might believe, when he sees such terrible amounts of them, that there was as great a supply of herring as there is water. In a word, it is unbelievable, indeed, indescribable, as also incomprehensible, what quantity is found there.” William Byrd II (Virginia), early 1700’s SOURCE: http://www.johnsmith400.org/The_Chesapeake_Bay_in_1608.pdf
  4. Sorry, not the rain, the hurricane. I understand ya'll haven't been getting much rain. It's been raining non-stop here in the DC area.
  5. Nice catch. Read you couldn't hold with a 12. Is the surf pretty much screwed from all this rain? I was thinking about making a trip over to OC.
  6. Since the start of the spring trophy season I've gone out a few times on the potomac in my yak at the 301 bridge, fishing just below it around the plant with negative results. I'm thinking about heading out to the bay. Anyone got a place a kayaker can set out relatively close to a fishing ground?
  7. Dre, My brother and I went out the 30th to PLO. We've always had success this time of year fishin' for blues with fresh caught cut spot from the shore. This time the plan was to hit the breaking blues from the yaks with lures. And wouldn't you know it, no blues! I'm not complaining though we caught a few wee-rocks, one delicious keeper rock, croaker, some huge spot, and even what I think is some kind of trout all on a spoon/jig (basically a lead weight in the shape of a fish modified with a feather treble hook from an X-Rap). They were all caught near that first set of rocks where the people fish from the comfort of their cars, just beyond the reach of the people casting from the shore and all at and slightly after sun-up on the outgoing tide. If you never caught a rock on a medium action rod, it is FUN! Good fishin, Joel
  8. I'll be staying the upcoming weekend in North Beach. My buddies and I will be fishing the bay from yaks. I read a book that says the floor of the bay around north beach is featureless and therefore not that great of a fishing spot. I can't seem to find anything more online. Anyone have any good stories fishing from the North Beach/Cheasapeake Beach area? Blues, Rock, Croaker, anything? Thanks, Joel
  9. Got me too! Wasn't quite the size of a car hood, but it snapped a fifty lb leader when trying to flip the thing over. I thought I had the one! Boy was I disappointed. What is cool is even on a baron beach at 9 o'clock pm, you turn around once that thing hits the shore and there's ten people standing around; superstar! My report: I fished most morning and evening high tides from Sunday to Tuesday around 120th St. I landed a few blues, whiting, and that foolish ray that tried to drag my pole into the water while I was casting my other line. Good time, but didn't get my rock. I need to go back, and soon. Take care all.
  10. Great job everyone. Jsmoothie, sounds like an awesome outing. I especially like that picture with the sun in the left hand corner. Look like a superhero or something. I spent the weekend in Williamsport, PA. Hit the susquehanna and caught some smallies. As fun as it was, I'm now jealous of all of you. I WILL be in OC May 15th. Save some of those striped ones for me........ please!!
  11. Great catch, Sam. Even though I've never met you I know you're a good man and deserve any catch like that you get. My prayers go out to you, your sister, and your family for good health.
  12. No skates are better than two! All jokes aside, it's nice you got to get out there and get some attention from the aquatic creatures. Skate get a bad rap; but, I think I'd rather catch a few of those than nothing at all. I hate getting skunked!
  13. oh, and nice fish! I went out to a local pond today and caught a bass off a yamasenko. It ain't worth posting a picture of it though; he just a wee guy.