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  1. Well - gave it the old college try Friday at 120th St in North OC. Great conditions on the incoming tides. No fish but avoided the skunk with several small skates. Cant wait till spring.
  2. Got another chance to get a fall fish this coming Friday. Gonna fish North OC this time since there seems to be a little action in DE. Then I am gonna fish the inlet in OC to see what luck I have.
  3. Yes - the Owl was one of the coolest things I saw on the island this year. There was the Fox I saw at night and thought was a ghost - not so much cool as scary.
  4. Made a quick trip to AI on Monday. I was treated to a beautiful morning with excellent conditions - fished the incoming and outgoing but bait went untouched. Threw spot, fleas, and clams but nothing bit. Best part of day was seeing the Great Snowy Owl sitting in the track about 125 yards south of me. Have never seen one on the Island.
  5. Hey Guys - a great time fishing with all of you again - a few fish and a lot of laughs. Looking forward to doing it again next year.
  6. What Bill said - Dave deserves it.
  7. This kept me from fishing this week. Couldn't leave the house for fear of being eaten. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11521[/ATTACH]
  8. Congrats Buddy - that is an awesome sandtiger. Your persistence finally paid off - go for the 122" now !!!!! Yes I am in for the Drum tournament - even if I have to pay someone to cover my jobs.
  9. Damn I'm so jelly. I would be there with those guys if I hadn't been swamped with work. Great job guys - looks like you had a great week. I will make it down at some point.
  10. Hey Dave Glad to see you getting into the toothy critters. Trying to work out getting back down soon. Daughter is going to Salisbury University in the fall - I will be definitely be down for her orientation on the 28th. Only a day trip but gonna hit the island and then bay for flounder. Since she will be down there its a great reason to come down more often. Rich
  11. Hey Dave, Thanks I thought it was the coolest thing when I found it. Its a common snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentine). We have a state maintained storm water management impoundment in the woods behind the house and a small stream in the woods in front of the house - so not exactly sure which she came from. Eggs are supposed to hatch in late summer - I will keep an eye out.
  12. I had this early morning visitor in the backyard today. I was walking the dog and I nearly stepped on her. She had decided to lay her eggs in the backfilled holes where the fiber contractors had run innerduct a few weeks ago. I had seen several crawling thru the neighborhood last several days but first time I had one come into my yard.[ATTACH=CONFIG]11470[/ATTACH]
  13. Andrew - everything is good. I have one terrible problem in that I have too much work and not enough time to fish. Sounds like you have similar problems. Good luck with the tackle shop I thought I saw something about that earlier in a different thread. I think you will get a striper with Dave this weekend - he's good luck. Gonna try to get down and fish shark week in July - hope to see you then and catch up.
  14. Thanks Bill - same here. Hope to get back down soon.
  15. Hi Andrew. Hope all is well with you