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  1. Fished 3Rs from 9:15am to 3:45pm on Saturday. Skunk-o-rama. Saw 2 stripers and a dozen skates pulled all day, that was it. From 11:30pm to 3:30pm there wasn't one bent rod in either direction, and that is a lot of rods. A rod in the sand ever 50ft or so, very crowded. The people around me were friendly so we had a good fun day regardless. Only thing I took home was a hell of a sunburn.
  2. Well I had a fun outing, braved the conditions but ended up with the skunk. Not surprising. High, muddy/murky water and ripping currents. Tried to fish the inlet some but nothing doing. One other fisherman walked to the sidewalk with his gear, looked at the water and turned around and left. I figured since I drove 2 hours I had nothing better to do than fish. Moved north to a beach access and tried some surf fishing. Dumbass me forgot my 11' rod so I was trying to heave 5oz with an 8ft rod. I got it out there but nothing doing either. Rain didn't bother me, but the wind sucked.
  3. Not really familiar with how to fish it. I know the area but never had a chance to fish there. Should I fish off the jettys or on the bay side of the bridge? What should I use?
  4. I have tuesdays off and am making my first salt fishing trip of the year. I am torn between surf fishing off Henlopen or fishing indian river inlet. I would appreciate some persuasion either way. I have all the gear necessary for both, and just want to get into some fish. Choose my adventure!
  5. That is some fantastic info. Glad to hear I'll have decent shore fishing within 1.5 hours of my home. Awesome, thank you so much. What is a FIN number, how much is a license, and really, you have to pay to get on the beaches? How much? I vacationed in Rehobeth once and surf fished and didn't have to pay. Maybe things have changed.
  6. Hey folks, I got a job in Wilmington, DE and will be relocating to the area in the next couple weeks. I am interested in surf fishing and am wondering were along the Delaware side of the DE Bay is decent for surf fishing? Using Bowers as a reference, is there any decent surf fishing north of it? If so how far north up the beach is it fishable? Or is it better south of Bowers? If so where does it start being decent? Is the beach accessible relatively easily along the bay between Bowers and Lewes? Sorry for the noob questions...if there is somewhere that answers all the noob questions please point me in the right direction. Thanks, CB