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  1. Well I fished Sandy "no fish" Point on Wednesday. Beautiful day with light wind and sun. Got the Big skunk. Fished with bloods and artificials. never saw a fish landed the whole morning. Hopefully next time Jeff
  2. I'm not worried about the tides as much because I have those 5-6 hours to fish so I'll take my chances. Thanks for all the info guys and I'll post a follow up on how the day went. Jeff
  3. Sounds good .I have all my surf tackle since I live In Fenwick Island now. I figure I'll take two rods . one for long casting and one for close to the beach. I take it you mean to fish right from the beach? Also is it correct that the regs are one 28" to 35" and one over 41". Don't want to get in trouble. I'm sure they know the regs. at Anglers. I'll post some pics and let you know how the day went. Thanks again Jeff
  4. I have to take my wife to Jessup maryland for an all day meeting on wednesday 04/25/07. I looks like i will have 5-6 hours to go fishing. I went online and bought a 5 day Bay license. Question is Where should I Fish? I'll be land locked. I think Sandy point is about 30 Minutes from her meeting. Any other suggestions? Looks like the Severn River would be closer, but I never fished there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jeff
  5. Sam This Is At IRI in December Jeff
  6. I can't believe none of you listen to 98.1 WOCM. I.ve been hooked since they got bought by layton moore of seacrets.the morning guy is bulldog who used to be on mancow out of chicago. the format is very different with a lot of requests. they must have over 4000 songs on the palylist and the weekend mornings are usually piped or taped and lots of accoustic mixed in. It is actually all i ever listen to. i'm on the road 3-4 hours a day and never tire of the mix. Jeff
  7. congrats on the huge striped one. to bad the record fish was caught this week because that picture would have made the coastal fisherman cover if not. tight lines Jeff
  8. the tica rods are notorious for having bad guides. The new Dolphin series are now made with fuji guides and are around 30-40 dollars more because of it. I've been lucky with my 2 year old 7' one but know of numerous people who have had the tip blow out. Jeff
  9. I personally think we are the generation that is paying for it. I remember coming to the beach as a kid and catching a lot more trout, flounder and blues than you do today. I keep rock, trigger, tog, seabass, or flounder for the next meal or to give to a friend. I think that a cooler full of anything other than YFT is a total abuse of the system. some people don't understand the fresh is best concept. like bait. another thing that i don't understand is flounder fisherman . If i catch a 20 or 22 inch flounder that is usually enough and I'll only keep another if it is bigger. IMHO one 22" fish equals 2 17" fish. hopefully they will start turning on because I could eat ONE big ass flounder about now. Jeff
  10. Hey gang! I'm new to the site and like what i see. the blues came and went at IRI and 3RS. sunday,monday and tuesday they were everywhere. Fished tuesday on my "lunch break" had six nice fish between 22" and 25". a friend fished 3RS from 9:30am till 1:30 and had 20 plus fish and kept 7 around 28-30 inchs. from what I've seen the fish were everywhere those days. Wednseday stopped at the inlet on the way to an appt. and talked to the crew i fish with and not a bite by 10:30am. same friend did 3RS 10-2. not a bite or bump. It amazes me how they roll through and leave again in 1 days. I see you guys do a lot of AI fishing which I have yet to try. Usually go to IRI spring and fall ,or 3RS fenwick beaches in the summer( only 15 minutes from home). Do they offer a day or weekend pass to try it out? would love to give it a try before the tourist arrive in full force. Catch em up and enjoy the fling. Jeff