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  1. April report is killing me, I need to drive to AI for some sand- ocean therapy, you guys did have a lot of fun this month... good luck the one coming 🤙🤙
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11586[/ATTACH] Was going out tide by Washington DC. And fishing was slow... now it's time for some pictures and relax ??
  3. I can't find the way either to post a picture, maybe need the option to be active or a full version some how to be used with the phone on the site ??
  4. Nice to be back on track...
  5. Nice to be back on track... I have NOT try the surf "YET" but I hope I can do that soon, but my fresh water catch is been great... waiting to put some "sand" on my shoes one of this days.
  6. You did great yesterday Dave, nice catch on those stripped boys... After a long winter for Me ( felt like it ) is time to have some fun, I try some fresh water fishing yesterday at some local pond not catch but great time on the water, Potomac river is on the list for the weekend "if the wind take it easy " good luck to all of you guys and T-lines.
  7. waiting for some 50's and I will be on the water to try my Penn battle II reel and pull some cats from the Potomac. Good luck to all of you guys and T-lines.
  8. Sat. 25 will be the show ?... do you know if they will have the show on the internet ?...will try to see if I can pull the chanel on the net.
  9. With fall on the air and the out doors color a good fresh water fishing at the creek is the best and after a day of work can go wrong with that. I was at the creek the past days and I was able to catch some smallmouth bass, I try to load some pictures but looks to be big and was not able to load it. will try later to see if can make small.
  10. good catch and a " lot " of fish tacos
  11. happy 4th family, have fun
  12. Nice catch looks like a funn day. On the last picture, did that fish lost his head ?
  13. I try for striper on the river ( they are here ) some guys that I know have catch some but my good luck was for a good "cat" will try this weekend and I hope that I can pull one before they go back to the bay. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11562[/ATTACH]
  14. Winter still on the air but I know that one day will be summer and fishing will be fun but today this is the way my spot look like. Good luck to you guys, soon we will be having fun fishing.
  15. would be nice to try and fish AI for the run. We can show to NY how we do the stuff down here in the "hood"