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  1. Wow, Nice lookin fish, i need to get to the beach!!
  2. Another beautiful day on the bay thanks to the Good LORD! spent the day trollin with capt steve goins on the sandpiper and capt jerry swartz. good company as always, and alot of experience and knowledge to be shared from the both of them. I was able to land my personal best rockfish at 41" 26lbs 22" girth. i was so pumped and remained in that state for the rest of the trip. it happened at about 830/900 am on the way back rod. tandem chutes with big eye black heads and 9" white shad, she was double hooked and def not getting loose, thanks again to capt steve and jerry for there knowledge and experience for puttin me on this fish. the next fish was a fiesty 39"er that jerry landed, i believe that was a board rod with tandem chutes with blue glitter shad 9". the rest of the day consisted of pretty steady action, a few 34/36" fish and a few 28/29". what an awesome day on the bay, weather couldnt have been better. here are some photos and video of our trip. IF ANYONE WANTS TO GET HOOKED UP WITH THERE PERSONAL BEST I RECOMMEND FISHING WITH CAPT STEVE GOINS ON THE SANDPIPER Chesapeake Bay Sport Fishing on Sandpiper: Deale, Maryland link to short video of capt jerry's 39"er
  3. yea nice catch steve. wish i could find time to get out, contracting has turned on like a light switch, been running my tail off with leads, gotta get it while its good!! I WILL FIND TIME FOR FISHING SOON!!
  4. sorry for the pics there always close ups when takin my self stretchin my arm. anyway got to the marina last nite and the current/tide had stopped ready to turn. it turned quick all of a sudden its movin in fast debris, trash, etc starts comin in. should have had a net to scoop out the trash. the water was fairly dirty and not the usual spashes fish were holding on the bottom it appeared. i decided to use a white BA on a Chartruese jig head 1/4" i was using a retrieve/stop method to allow the bait to drop every 2or3 cranks. it worked and plucked 3 nice schoolies. heres the pics. striper fix accomplished. hope to get out on the bay this week.
  5. if your throwing lures from ir inlet or oc inlet, 4" swim shads that resemble lil stripers have NEVER let me down.
  6. nice blue cat caught by my wife on potomac, marshall hall/ft wash area
  7. the color of the day was white, and a few came on the dummy lines(we had umbrellas on the dummy lines). and they were hittin shads and curly tails. we had the baits deep. i would def get out and try this weekend. if theres alot of boats on water it will def. push the fish deep.
  8. Had an awesome day of trolling today with Capt George Prenant, Capt Steve and Joe. Put a few nice fish in the box. Major adrenaline aboard the Stormy Petrel.
  9. well i got skunked again this eve. low tide ill blame it on. was fishin my bomber plug and had one swirl at the rocks, damn i didnt drop my rod tip as it was gettin close and pulled it out to early, dammit!! only fish i saw all eve. but i did catch my beautiful wife when i got home looking for some facebook pics. better than rockfish