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  1. Fished finger mullet (float) and cut mullet (no float) at Conquest Rd yesterday, Sat 7th, from 1-5:30 with nothing to show for it. Crabs were bad on the rig with no float and only had one finger mullet cut in half by a blue and another very hard strike right at dark on whole mullet that didn't get the hook. Another walk-on fisherman next to me got a huge bite about 3PM and fought a blue about 10lb or so right to the wash. I had waders and he didn't so I went out to get his tail and get him over the drop off when his main line broke a few seconds too soon. Oh well... I figured that was a good sign but no one else nearby seemed to get anything that I could see the rest of the afternoon. I talked to two other folks and they both said they have seen scattered large blues caught in the last few days and one fellow reported 3 from about 8-10 pounds in the 3R's area.
  2. Ok thanks! I threw one twice today off the beach and it came back tangled a bit one of the times. When I got home I cut it apart and reworked it into a non-sliding design using the standoff. I like what I have now. The issue is got a new rod and a Saltist reel that will throw a mile even in my inexperienced hands but these mullet and rigs have the drag of a parachute. I'm trying to cut the drag down as much as possible.
  3. Fished this morning 10/3 from before light to 9:30 with the other 3000 ppl in the Old Inlet tournament (I'm not in it personally). The snapper blues made a fairly short appearance and then it went dead for everyone as far as I can tell. I stopped by the tackle shop and heard that some guy had just landed a 57" cobia from the surf N of IR inlet. Wow!! I'll be back out tomorrow AM with the much anticipated light W wind. Oh I got 13 doz finger mullet yesterday evening from the beach just east of Cape Henlopen Pier.
  4. Has anyone tried the Aquaclear finger mullet rigs with the sliding "T" piece that you move down towards the weight to cast? Do they fly better than regular rigs and does the rig reset itself as advertised after the cast? Thanks! Tedward
  5. Fished Sunday 9/27 just barely N of the crossing at 3R's as soon as the rain stopped and the wind went around from the west. The surf was huge and we couldn't keep any TB rigs close in from drifting faster than you can run. We stuck with mullet rigs way out there on 5 and 6 oz and had a constant supply of the ridiculous little blues. I got one that was smaller than the mullet, and at one point I caught 3 in a row on the same mullet as they gradually chopped it shorter and shorter. The two of us went through 3 dozen baits. Oh one skate and one smooth dog on a rig with no float. Bring on the bigger fish!