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  1. Hello eveyone, This question is for the catfishermen. My friend has let me fish from thier beach in Charlescitycounty for the past 5yrs or so. Now they are building the soreline. In the past I have fished for cats mostly after deer season and in cold weather. The place I am fishing is a flat off a creek, in the creek they catch fewer fish but they are big, I like to eat the fish but not the big ones. Since I have fished from the beach, that is now being built on, I feel like I need to move either down the beach or fish in the creek.I have never fished the creek part of thier land. Since deer season is coming in Saturday, and I don't want to spook the deer going fishing, I am torn from catching really big cats and having fewer to eat or waiting untill mid Jan to fish. I think the best part of fishing on the beach has been building a fire and watching my jack play in the water and dig in the sand. so I guess my real question is when fishing in a creek and not the river should I use the same way I have caught them the open water?