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  1. I didn't see any mention of this in any other thread so I though I would share this story I heard on the radio today. Apparently a extremely rare species of whale worked it way up the Assawoman bay and got stuck and was eventually euthanized. It's unfortunate to see that happen but it will provide scientists with a good opportunity to learn more about it. Looks to be at about 120th street in <acronym title="Ocean City">OC</acronym>. Ocean City Maryland News - Rare Whale Found In Coastal Bays
  2. Planning on heading down to the ocean tomorrow. How is access to the AI beaches if I don't have a vehicle I can drive on the beach?
  3. Hey guys..Long time reader, first time posting...I'm thinking of heading down to my place in Ocean City on 130th for a run to throw the lines in and test some new gear..Is anything out there to be caught yet?