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  1. Hey Guys & Gals, a quick report: Spent the week in Ocracoke last week. Wow, interesting being there when Andrea decided to pay a visit. Biggest surf I've ever seen! We rented a boat, but couldn't use it Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. It was a 24ft Carolina Skiff, and it was still too rough for my wife (and really I could probably only have taken it for a few hours). We tried Friday, but it was so rough we couldn't stand it, and tried various spots. What a waste of money. Pretty disappointed. We did see some cobia, all seemed like they were 1000lbs (but probably 30-50), but no dice in getting one to the boat. Also saw some dolphins (not mahi, like dolphin-dolphins) really up close, that was pretty awesome. Besides that caught a bunch of croaker, 4 speckled sea trout, couple blues of 10-12", various little junk fish, black tips, and then a couple of really nice kingfish/sea mullet. One was 15" (just over) and was all of a pound, pound and a quarter (tough to tell on the hand held scale). We might submit for a citation. Why not right? Seemed to do best on gulp, 3", new penny on a 1/4oz jig head either white or bright green. Lost a nice spanish mackerel on a 3" swim bait (baby bunker), and sister lost a nice little puppy drum right at the side of the boat- I saw it, probably 20-24" range. As for the surf, we didn't do much better. Found a great spot- point to our right, point to our distant left, we fished the point and then just to the left where the waves broke right at your feet signifying a deep drop. Tons of bait in the water, mole crabs and minnows, and these cool little fish that looked like diamonds. I think we surf fishing every day but Wednesday and Sunday, mornings and evenings (usually 6-10 hours a day, one day we fished 13), and hitting the high tides/low tides pretty well on a couple of those days, we really only caught a dozen or so croaker, very small to small (like 8-22") black tips (got annoying), and a few more kingfish. 1 blue fish of 9", and then on Friday when the wind was straight out of the North, I caught 5 pigfish (which I didn't even know you could catch in the surf, thought they were just a bay fish). The only good fish was my first black drum. 9am on Tuesday (I keep a log) high tide was something like 11, wind out of the SSW. Caught him/her on shrimp as I was bring it back in nice and slow. No more than 20 yards from the breakers I'd say, and in an area that generally looked much more shallow and easy sloped then I usually fish (no drop, deep channel). Took some drag, fought like a beast, which is always a good sign. About 5.5lbs, 22" if I recall from my notes. Made my day, and saved the trip from being a complete wash. No big rays like we usually catch, probably because we were so early this year. Probably also why we didn't get into many bluefish either I guess. Usually there's a ton of snapper blues. No flounder either, bummer! Fished primarily with shrimp, but squid seemed to work just as well. 2/0 circle hooks, couple of days 6oz wouldn't hold and I had to cast for my wife. Couple other days, 2oz and you were golden, and my wife was casting 1/2 way to the bar (but of course most of the time was spent fishing no more than 20-40 yards from shore right in the breakers). Fished with 5/0's and chunks of bunker and caught only a couple black tips. Made the observation that we mostly caught fish about 90min to 1 hour before high tide, and that was it. Almost like clockwork, as that 90min window would approach we'd start getting constant nibbles, then it would shut down and you'd go 20-45 minutes without so much as a tug. All on the incoming too, outgoing didn't seem to be as good. Fished as early as 5am and as late at 11:30pm. Wife can't take being out super late, she gets bored. Only other notable thing is one evening I got a pretty good take, and then nothing. Felt like a giant blue fish the way it took, but could have literally been anything, anything but a ray (i know that feeling). Let it sit for about five more minutes and figured I'd better check it. Bring it in, and all 15" of my 80lb flouro leader is gone, right to the swivel, nothing but a little tag end left. Checked it and the bit that was hanging is all scuffed and ragged. Must have been a pretty big toothy creature. I was bummed. All in all not the worst fishing trip I've ever been on. Every year I learn a little more, and keeping track of tides, GPS points, winds, and the target species has sure helped. Going with smaller hooks than just 6/0 and 8/0 has helped too hahaha! Tight lines
  2. How's this working out? Have you tried to make some yet? Any trouble? I've started making mine again for the upcoming season, replenish what was lost. Trying some new combinations with the weight slide on the rig, instead of on the main line. Also trying some float combinations. I'll experiment and share how the work. Also, I got one of those worm binders from Dicks Sporting Goods, made to hold your rubber baits, and it works perfect for holding all my rigs. I sharpie on the size of the hook, and the leader, and then it's like having a book with all my rigs in it. I really like it. I encourage others not using them to try it out. So much better than other methods I've tried in keeping them untangled and out of the sand- and space to put in extra loose hooks, swivels, and crimps for making stuff on the fly. You could even cut some lengths of line and put pieces in. And then it just zips up nice and tidy. $15 worth every penny.
  3. Very jealous, awesome boat.
  4. I get my crimps off ebay. Hi-seas seem to work great, but lots of options for all sizes, and most come from mom and pop shops that I've ordered (they just try and do a little business online) and all seem to be fine (so far). I use handheld Mustad crimpers and really like them. I've crimped from 50lb through 200lb for my surf rigs, majority 50 and 80lb flouro now, and will never go back to tying for these size fish finder rigs (mostly 6/0, 8/0, 10/0 circle hooks). It's just so much cleaner, and more consistent, for me. I've had 0 fail- including fighting some rayzillas, big fish etc. I usually use mustad hooks, or eagle claw, and then I really like tsunami pro strong barrel swivels, they're cheap and great, I'll get the size 8, 5, 2, and 1 depending on the size rig I'm doing. I've had such good luck I've started selling (for cost) rigs to my friends without the time/motivation/gear to do their own, and they've all had equal success with them.
  5. Yeah that's one of the places I was thinking. Been reading up on it on the internet. Seems like it'd be really fun. Thanks for the reply, I'll certainly give an update when/if I go, and after I'll give a report.
  6. Hey Guys and Gals Just got myself a new kayak! This picture is the model, but it's not my kayak, got the pic off of google (Perception Pescador 12 is the model). After 10 years fishing from my Dagger Zydeco, I wanted to finally get a real fishing kayak. I plan on converting it into the ultimate fishing machine, like my new found hero Kayak Kevin (you guys know about this guy right!?!?! Anyways, wondering what's the best time for me to hit the Chesapeake. I'm moving north next year and want to try my luck a couple of times if I can before I go. I am about 5.5hrs from reedsville currently, and about the same from VA beach, so I need to pick my time of year best. I can go anytime of year really, but would prefer to go at the fishiest time, and preferably when the weather might cooperate the best (as I'll be in the kayak). I'm an experience kayak, but would rather not venture out in rough water, as it just makes everything so much more complicated, especially in cold weather, and I may be alone. Probably be making weekend trips, but am thinking a 4 day trip over memorial day might work too if that's an OK time of year. Thoughts on places YOU'D go? When YOU'D go? Things YOU'D bring? Thanks!
  7. That pad thai sounds awesome! I'm going to get my wife to make some when I get into the stripers again. She loves pad thai.
  8. Question for you MA folks: I am thinking of moving to the Boston area (west of Boston, outside of 95, about 30min outside the city, don't want to say where yet as the details haven't been ironed out). Want to get a feel for the fishing in the area- any advice? Good spots to hit? Times of year? Good bait shops? Kayak fishing spots? I know there's a fair bit of information out there, just thought I'd see if I could glean anymore here. Really excited at the prospect of being so close to quality fishing, as opposed to the 6-8 hours I live from the ocean now. Also have a really good friend (best man in my wedding) that lives in New Haven, CT, so not too far, and we can fish on a regular basis which would be awesome.
  9. Can't remember if I posted this or not, but my wife caught this northern in her kayak this summer in Maine. She was fishing with a 4.5ft ultralight set up with 4lb test, which I hadn't changed from last year. She caught it on a Mepps Gold Spinner. I had to scoop it into my lap by hand and it cut me to pieces. It was 35" and 15lbs+ it broke our little scale (ripped the hook off and fell in the water, and swam away). I couldn't believe she got it in; it took 20min+. I don't know how to look it up, but I bet this is some kind of state line class record or something. Awesome.
  10. You guys hear about this? Hopefully I'm not reposting- From twitter old inlet bait and tackle: "Mark Bonk caught a 41" bluefin tuna while fishing for flounder at B buoy on Saturday. It hit the teaser hook with cut bait on a top and bottom rig about half way up on the retrieve. Fish was released after a 30 minute fight. A weird year continues!!". Sent to me via a friend- pretty awesome, maybe someone will get one on the beach!
  11. Pics? lucky!
  12. nice pics Dave My report: I had a pretty bad fishing weekend on AI. The heat on Saturday/Sunday was unbearable and my company was miserable (we were camping). It made it impossible for me to search the beach for a good spot. Normally I will scout at least a mile and find the best looking area; a hole or a break or a point something like that. Not this weekend. The wife and friends wanted nothing but to just walk over the dune and swim and sit. I debated leaving them the first night and going off by myself but they did NOT seem pleased with that idea. Even my good fishing friend (see the NY section of this site) didn't want to move. So we hunkered down, basically where we walked down from one of the walkovers. I forgot how close the bar is in certain spots on AI. I knew we were not in a great spot, but nothing I could do. But, it wasn't a horrible spot either, I could see at low tide crazy breaking waves crossing each other so there was a shallow point I think, and I fished the north side of it the first night and next morning, as well as on it in the morning, and the south side the next night. When swimming the water was way over my head at high tide about 50 feet off the beach (I found out the next day) so that made me feel a bit better that I wasn't fishing the worst spot in the world. First night fished bunker on a fish finder for a while, but the crabs just cleaned me out within 2 minutes every time. 2oz held great, not much current (which didn't help my feelings this wasn't a great spot). Switched to various different floats and got some nibbles but were probably too small for the hooks and I kept failing at setting it. Fished 8-1:30am the first night. Was disappointed because high tide was at a perfect time- I think it was 11:30 the first night. Fished 5-9am the next morning with success with the little guys- croaker on small size 6 and 8 hooks and shrimp. Lost a flounder. Croaker wouldn't take anything else- gulp, squid, or bunker. Wish I had brought my light action 6lb test rig down to the beach but didn't have and was too tired (slept 1hr the night before due to heat) to walk to the car, so on the 8ft casting setup it wasn't that thrilling. Lots of sandfleas around. About 5:45 saw a fin out by the bar, that was DEFINITELY not a dolphin. Not nearly big enough. It was just a fleeting image, wasn't even sure I was seeing it at first. Must have been a small shark, very cool though! Had a nice hook up not too long after that (20-30min) but was screwing around by the cart with the casting rod and the croaker, and my sprint was not fast enough to get the rod out of the tube and despite the circle hook I lost whatever it was. The rod was bent pretty good so I'm guessing it was a nice fish. Bummer. That was the only good hook up all weekend. Around 7 my friend came down and things got fishy- could see big groups of fish out just beyond the bar, pelicans on them, and dolphins at one point. We decided drastic measures time. So I grabbed my boogie board, put on a big 10/0 hook (go for glory), a bunker head, and paddled my bait out and he did the same. I took mine out at least 200 yards, took forever, and I could see the school of fish to the south of me probably 50 yards- but I will admit I got a little nervous (totally chickened out) and didn't paddle over. I should have, because as I was paddling back my friend was frantically pointing back out and the school was getting hammered by something, big splashes and fishing jumping out of the water. I felt pretty silly then... Gave up after no more luck, and tried again that night for about another 4 hours from 8-12pm. We were on the beach at 6:30, and I had a line in the water for about 20min, but the big storms rolled through and sent us running for our cars. Not a touch on anything that night. Next morning I was pretty exhausted but forced myself up at 6:40 and did about an hour of casting with [my favorite lure] the 3/4oz blue/silver kastmaster. Nothing. Lots of storms that were pretty awesome though. You win some you lose some; I'll have a report for Maine tomorrow (was there earlier in the week). We did see a sea turtle though, while swimming. That was cool. And had a couple of great meals, so not all was lost. But next time: beach house. 100%
  13. seeing a picture of that skate makes me shudder- we caught so many of those on my trip to fire island last month, I never wanted to see one again- at one point we caught 12 in a row on every cast and I thought we'd never catch anything again! What a cruel joke with the tuna can't wait to hit the beach tomorrow...Dave/Mike and company you have got me pretty pumped!
  14. thanks, that's good to hear about the room. I've fished AI a couple times but always in a rush, and I could tell our location wasn't great. location = most important factor IMO tight lines
  15. sit on top is a must; we've done it in both, and a regular one with a spray skirt is ok if it's not rough and/or you're a good kayak handler...but with 20-60# test and a giant hook the sit on top is much better. You will get swamped. Maybe not the first, tenth, or fiftieth time, but it'll happen- so be prepared and know your limits. small and surfboard like are the best ones IMO- basically the best bait boat is the worst for just about everything else except playing in the waves or rapids. or that's my opinion. you can always rent, how many times are you going to be going to the beach in a given year?