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  1. Hey Dave, you had much better luck Sunday than I did. I hit AI at 5:30 Sunday evening and stayed until 1:30 am. I fished up top, very close to the beach access. I have fished this area twice before and had good luck. Unfortunately, I struck out this time. I had a bad feeling almost immediately because I could not get away from very shallow water. I had two bites but nothing more. I ran into a few guys by the air pumps a short time before 2:00 am and they did not have much action either. I plan to get down a few days in June so hopefully the bite is on big time. I'll look you up when I get back down your way. Good luck guys.
  2. Hey guys...hey Dave! It's been awhile but I'm back down this way. Just got back from a fishing trip out of Hatteras. Weather was horrible and I caught very few fish. I literally drove 7 hours back from Hatteras yesterday, stopped home for 15 minutes in Bel Air and then drove another 2 1/2 hours down here. I'm hoping to do much better at AI tonight. Anyone going out tonight? I'd like to be out by 6 or so and stay through high tide. Hopefully the beach crowd will thin out by then. I'll most likely be solo so drop by if you see a 2013 silver Tacoma. If I don't see you good luck.
  3. Well done Shanan! Best of luck Tuesday.
  4. Thanks for all of the positive comments about my recent sharking experience. Rich, I plan to make it back down in September. It's always a better time fishing AI with others who share the same interests so I'll drop you a message when I get back in town. Sorry I missed you Dave....I'll give you a shout next time. Best of luck to everyone.
  5. Fishing was horrible last night. The wind was out of control and I couldn't hold bottom with 10 ounces. We caught one dogfish very close to the shore and burned a lot of wood. I'm still debating whether to go back out tonight.
  6. Thanks Rich. I just got bunker at the "Lucky Angler" and met Shannon for the first time. She was very helpful and super cool. The bunker looks great so stop by to get some. I plan to head out around 2000 hours tonight. This time I've got my son to help out, just in case. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. If it doesn't, I will try to hit AI early tomorrow and drop by, Rich. Good luck!
  7. Thanks Shannon. I'm glad you were able to post the pics. A flash would have made a world of difference but what can you do? My cell phone was better than nothing. I took about 6 pics so I'm happy with that. I will be back out late tonight so I will stop in today for some bunker. Thanks again!
  8. I rolled into town late yesterday afternoon, hit the "Lucky Angler" for bunker and made it out to AI around 2000 hours. When I hit the beach I went directly to a spot that Dave and I had talked about and fished for toothy critters on a previous occasion. I was alone and planned to fish through the high tide which was at 0030 hours. I know I will most likely take a few digs for fishing alone, but any serious angler will know it's the truth....the reality is that there will be times when there is no one to go with and you will find yourself on the beach alone. So the choice was simple....go alone or sit at home. The decision was easy for me. Fishing was slow for the first few hours but at 2330 hours I saw my number two rod tapping....the kind of tapping you would expect from a nuisance blue fish. As I picked my rod up, the fish made a run straight out and peeled off a decent amount of line. I initially thought I would get spooled but I was able to turn the fish towards the beach and gain back some line. For the next 15-20 minutes the fish peeled off some line but I was able to quickly gain it back. The fish also decided to move parallel to the beach and I was forced to move with it as it swam north. By this time I was pretty much convinced the fish was a large ray....just a steady strong pull - no quick fast runs. It was also at this time that the reality of what I was going to do when I got the fish close to shore was setting in. It was near midnight and there was not one person around to lend a hand. I was eventually able to see the tail of a shark in the surf. Lucky for me, the tide was high and I was able to use the waves to get the shark into water shallow enough to walk out, grab the shark by its tail and drag it onto the beach. It was a sand tiger that was over 6 feet long. I was concerned about the amount of time the shark remained out of the water so I worked very quickly to remove the hook and take a few cell phone pics . Unfortunately, my camera was back in my truck so I had to use what I had on me at the time. I always carry gear with me to deal with removing the hook, so I was good to go in that area. I have to admit that it was definitely intimidating to drag a shark that size into waist deep water at night with waves crashing on me. The shark took a few minutes to gain its strength back so I held onto it until I was sure it could make it through the inner waves. It seemed to have very little difficulty and I watched it slowly disappear into deeper water. By this time I was pretty much exhausted and sweating my butt off. But I was ecstatic to have been able to safely catch and release such an awesome shark. I have targeted and successfully caught a fair amount of sharks over the years but I have always had someone with me to assist with situations like this. All in all, I feel like it went very well. I know it was not perfect and I have already decided how I will do it better in the future. So maybe this should be the topic of a new thread....What advice can you offer when catching/releasing large sharks if you are fishing alone? The answer has to be more than "Don't go fishing alone" because that is not realistic and will never happen. I have fishing in my blood and it would be foolish for me to believe I won't be back out slinging bunker in the very near future by myself again. I can tell you this - I will make a better effort to look for a fishing partner but it can be tough to find someone to hang out with you at midnight on a mosquito infested beach. I will be out Friday and Saturday if anyone is interested. I drive a green Toyota Tacoma and would welcome the company. By the way, I can never post pics for some reason. I hit the "insert image" icon but it does not give me an option to upload the pics of the sand tiger. Can anyone help with that? I will gladly post a few pics when I get it figured out. As it turned out, the bunker from the "Lucky Angler" was definitely lucky for me. Take care and good luck!
  9. Don't need a reply after all....I just saw the other post. Can't wait to check them out.
  10. Hey Dave, I'm not familiar with "Lucky Anglers". Where is it? Thanks.
  11. Thanks Grossy....I'm getting lots of practice tying several knots I have never used before. I will add the double uni to my list and give it a try. Take care.
  12. Thanks guys, it sounds like an excellent knot....I'll give it a try.
  13. That drum was damn good too! Hit AI from 6-1 am last night. I caught two blues and had several hook ups but was not successful keeping the fish on the line. For the second time I ran into a situation where my knot failed. I was using an Albright Special to join my shock leader to the main line but I had that fail the other night so I tied the "Crazy Alberto Knot". It looks like a solid knot but it also failed when I had a large fish on. I'm confident I tied the knot correctly but the tag end slipped though the knot and it came undone at the worst possible time. Two times in one week sucks! Maybe someone can suggest a knot that is tried and proven. It has to be small enough to make it through the eyes without snagging. Any suggestions??? Its frustrating so any help would be appreciated. Wife says skip fishing tonight....crabs and beer are on the menu! Good luck to anyone going out. Thanks.
  14. Hey Dave, Bob and I had an awesome time both nights. It was slow at times but when the action was on it was excellent. I thought "rayzilla" was going to break you after awhile but you hung in there. Oh well, the fish have to win sometimes too. I still would have liked to get a picture of that monster on the beach. Like you said, the catch of the night was the 29" black drum. Imagine my surprise when I told Bob to grab the rod I set up for spot and kingfish to see him reel in a black drum! I'm glad he got the chance to land the fish because his first experience at AI will always be embedded in his mind. As for me, I had two nice hook ups last night but I could not seal the deal. My knot failed on the first one and whatever picked up my spot the second time ran hard for a few seconds and let it go. We got into a few spot the night before and a nice blue fish. All in all, an excellent time. Its always a great time hanging out with Dave. Thanks for your assistance as well General. I'm not exactly sure how to post pics on here but I know Dave is planning to do so later. If I figure it out I will put a few up later. Tight lines!
  15. I agree with greenmtnman, you need a sit on top. I have used a Frenzy and its perfect for running baits out...very stable and a blast in the surf. It's also reasonably priced. I would not buy one if you planned to kayak for long distances because it will not track nearly as straight as longer yaks on the market. It will, however, make a perfect yak for running baits and playing in the surf. I did my homework and knew I would only use the Frenzy for short runs, so it works for me. I have two other kayaks that I would never use in the ocean. Check out the reviews for the Frenzy and you will most likey find it is suitable for what you want to do with it. Good luck.