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  1. I believe you shall find the original name is Surgeon Fish. The little critters have scalpel sharp blades located just above the young man`s left index finger, between those blue lines is a cutting instrument capable of laying your finger(s) wide open. Funny thing about some fish; if ya don`t know what it is, handle it carefully. <TABLE class=speciesid><TBODY><TR class=odd><TH class="" css col="0" row="2">Family name</TH><TD class="" css col="1" row="2">Acanthuridae (surgeonfishes) </TD></TR><TR class=even><TH class="" css col="0" row="3">Family description</TH><TD class=" over" css col="1" row="3"> this family includes surgeonfishes, unicornfishes and sawtails they are unique in having spines on the base of their tails which are used for defence a few are venomous and all can inflict painful wounds fish in this family have compressed (flattened) bodies, small mouths and very small close-set scales surgeonfishes include all species of the genera Acanthurus and Ctenochaetus unicornfish are a subset of this family and include all species of the genera Naso and Prionurus representative species of each genus have been illustrated in this guide but there are more species you may catch. Please check current rules and regulations for specific size and in-possession limits </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>