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  1. We all need to attend the Assateague NPS community forums in order to show a united front that we want to keep our 4 wheel driving privilege open for us and our grandchildren. The NPS will write a new plan and if the environmental wacho extremists get their way, we will be prohibited from driving on the beach. WE NEED TO ATTEND THESE MEETINGS!!!!! The first meeting is Sept. 21 at Wor Wic Community College 4-7, the second is Tue. at the SARBANES COASTAL ECOLOGY CENTER at the park entrance 4-7, and the third is Wed. Sept. 23 at the Chincoteague Community Center again, 4-7. We need to attend wearing something that signifies that we are in favor of continuing 4wd beach access, a shirt or hat, etc. There are strong environmental movements out there that want the beach only to be used by wildlife. These wachos are united and have political clout with the nuts running things in Washington. Be there or lose our privilege forever!!!!!!