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  1. hey pking21,

    well those picks are from last year but i actualy went out yesterday and did fairly well 10/31/2009. i was only out for about 2 hours and had 8 fish total. two had to be thrown back due to size but the other 6 were nice fish for this time of year. if you dont have a boat i would not waist your time in driving all the way down. thats just my opinion, i see alot of guys fishing from shore but there lucky if there get 2-3 for a whole day of fishing. if you realy want to drive down and fish call me and i would be more than happy to take you, we can split gas and ramp fee. i usualy catch a decent number of fish each time i go but do have a bad day here and there. give me a call 757-644-8430 and we can plan a weekend. the baits are secret, lol so i'll show you when you get here. talk to you soon