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  1. Qik question..i've noticed in some of the photos of fisherman on the beach and they're wearing some type of wet suit waders...well, i'd like to find and purchase some waders for beach fishing, but have no idea as to what kind or type i should purchase..any ideas?

  2. hey pking21,

    well those picks are from last year but i actualy went out yesterday and did fairly well 10/31/2009. i was only out for about 2 hours and had 8 fish total. two had to be thrown back due to size but the other 6 were nice fish for this time of year. if you dont have a boat i would not waist your time in driving all the way down. thats just my opinion, i see alot of guys fishing from shore but there lucky if there get 2-3 for a whole day of fishing. if you realy want to drive down and fish call me and i would be more than happy to take you, we can split gas and ramp fee. i usualy catch a decent number of fish each time i go but do have a bad day here and there. give me a call 757-644-8430 and we can plan a weekend. the baits are secret, lol so i'll show you when you get here. talk to you soon


  3. good day guys and gals...quick question or two..i'm interested in driving down to Virginia Beach area from DC maybe next weekend..i was wondering where should i be heading to...i don't have a boat, so all fishing will be from shore...lure and bait of choice...well, just the norm i guess...whats biting and where...

  4. do you put the mullets whole in the cooler with the salt? i noticed you said you put them in the freezer an hour later. is that the norm? or is it personal preference? also, what do you use them for? and how do you rig them?
  5. I'm interested in trying my hand at surf fishing. Can anyone give me some pointers in the basic needs I'll have just getting started. From rod to reels. Line, sinkers, hooks, etc.
  6. i loved the pics of your specks...really nice..i've never seen them that big...well, not up close and personal that is...were all caught on mirro lures?

  7. yeah, sounds good...but i don't have access to a boat or any floatation, what's a man like myself to do to get in on that good fishing? and where as sense in knowing what to do if i don't know
  8. that's a sea robin...yeah, ugly little thing...but, that tail offers some good meat..whack off the head, and nothing but firm white meat afterwards...
  9. good day..quick question..i live in DC and would love to do some of the fishing you just described, but don't know who or where to get started...some pointers would be very helpful...
  10. tautog, where are you trying to fish for them? I live in DC and would like to be able to get out and do some of that fishing...