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  1. Was just there last week... blues were thick on the southern point. Have fun!!! Skeeters are THICK right now, will carry you away.
  2. Also fished Henlopen this past saturday....we had 4 guys with roughly 12 rods and 7 types of bait. Different setups, distances... NOTHING.....nadda...the crabs seemed to be the only thing eating all day.
  3. oooohhhh I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice work Sam!!!! From Tapatalk
  4. Fished Conquest today. Used Herring, bunker, sand fleas and mullet. The only thing I caught was a sunburn!
  5. Any word on CHSP? looking to head there Saturday due to DSSP having the tourney.
  6. Thank you! I figure it was a dumb question, but still learning the lingo.
  7. I am assuming CHSP is Cape Henlopen State Park correct?
  8. Fished 3R's today, no luck. 1 skate. Was using fresh bunker and sand fleas. Didn't see anyone pull anything in.
  9. Heading out tomorrow, hope the seas are calmer by then. Will report when I get back
  10. what a vacation. I fished every day/night. I love my wife!!! totals are as follows. 14 croakers, one measured 15 inches. 11 spot, 3 puppy drum and 2 small blues. all caught on blood worms. Thank you all for the info you provided me!
  11. i have fished 3 high tides and have only caught 2 croakers. i guess i am doing something wrong. tried finger mullet, squid and bloods. help?!? LOL
  12. Nice work!! I actually saw you exit the inlet. I was fishing from shore at 5th ave. i moved down to the inlet area but still caught nothing. what is the secret to catching fish down here LOL.