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  1. Excellent!
  2. Nice flat fish yum!
  3. Wow edwatson that is an incredible story thanks for sharing that.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to make the cool vid. Like the misic too.
  5. Hey I used to swim my bait out past the 3rd bar like an idiot when I was 19 . I did have a 9/0 and was a strong swimmer though Lol. I held the bloody head above water on the way out does that help ?
  6. Thats a big striper for sure!
  7. Great pics as usual
  8. Very nice LM congratulations.
  9. Man you get out alot ! I'd hate to see your fuel bill Lol. Look like a good time.
  10. Thats neat thanks for sharing. What kind of fish do you think that was?
  11. Yes two or three power runs I was surprised. knew it was a ray, no head shakes. Ill be back down wife wants to see the horses.
  12. Here are some pictures from earlier this week. The lack of shark fishing success and hoards of biting flies sent us packing tuesday afternoon Lol.
  13. Been fishing AI since 3:00pm yesterday. One ray, two spot, one short flounder. Fishing could be better.
  14. Nice one!